GCPD Swarm City


DeckVizImg (1)

3x GCPD Officers – Gotham City’s Finest (C9-BM)
2x Harvey Bullock – Detective (C10-BM)
3x James Gordon – GCPD Officer (U68-BM)
3x James Gordon – Commissioner (R107-BM)
1x Gotham City’s Finest (R119-BM)
3x Identification (C28-BM)
2x Joke’s On You (U82-JL)
3x Strength 1 (C32-GL)
3x Intelligence 1 (C32-JL)
3x Intelligence 2 (C38-JL)
2x Intelligence 3 (C43-JL)
3x Special 1 (C35-AT)
3x Special 4 (C52-BM)
3x Strength / Intelligence / Special 1 (U92-JL)
3x Intelligence / Special 3 (C48-BM)

Here is just one example of a GCPD list. This particular list only includes GCPD Characters. You may want to splash in a number of different Characters to improve the power of the list. For example, Green Arrow, Vixen, Orange Lantern Hal Jordan, any of the Villain or Arkham Inmate Harley Quinns, Firestorm, Commander Pyxis, and many other viable options could be included. In my experience, any other Characters should be purely for teching against an anticipated meta.

For the Events, nothing is better than Identification: it’s a cheaper Echolocation (Stare Down for you DBZ players). One Event that I would love to have in here in theory, but that I haven’t really needed while using the deck, is Confidence:


This card, which has worked wonders in my updated Blue Beetle list, epitomizes what decks like it want to do: continuously attack with 2-3 Characters every turn to overwhelm your opponent, force them out of Battle Cards, and score VPs early and often.

With a lower Character count than I’m typically comfortable with, there are certain cards you need to see early to be successful. Let’s break down the optimal start.

Turn 1 via first draw or mulligan you need to see James Gordon–Commissioner.


While he can’t search for himself, he can grab two more GCPDs. So, even if this is the only Character card you see on turn 0/turn 1, then you’re off to a great start. I like to get James Gordon–GCPD Officer onto the field as early as possible as well in order to shut down my opponent’s powerful Battle Cards.


You should now be off to the races with early card advantage and a plethora of in-deck Battle Cards to attack nearly every turn. Whenever possible use Identification and the GCPD traited Special 4 to maintain your card advantage.


Your opponent will be on the ropes early, and while your GCPD Characters can be easy to knock out, opening up your Character spots to play GCPD Officers–Gotham’s Finest can create further card adantage and recycle characters back into your deck (this deck uses Joke’s On You for Battle Card recursion).


So as you’re cracking open your Batman packs keep an eye out for these triple stat policemen. The deck can be modified to only use Batman cards if that’s all you have. Regardless, this budget-friendly deck is sure to be competitive in the upcoming seasons of Organized Play.


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