Triad 2 OCTGN Tournament


Coming this January is the second Triad OCTGN Tournament. The fundamental goal of my Triad events is to bring more decks into a competitive environment. With fewer players in FanZ than our Panini ancestor, the only way to bring more decks to the table is to allow players to bring more decks with them.

Triad 1 featured an elimination feature that I believe to be a tournament style to really look at going forward. However, Triad 2 will be based on a survival principle. Once again, players will submit 3 decks to bring to the tournament. Each round, players will select one of their remaining decks to square off with their opponent. The losing deck will be eliminated from the tournament. When a player no longer has any decks, they are eliminated from the tournament. There will be no top cut.

All of the Triads feature some deck restrictions. The decks for each individual player must use a unique MP (per the WMAT distinctions) and a unique Mastery. Players must also submit at least one villain and at least one hero MP. If a player wants to use a style more than once, they may, they just need to select MPs who do not have overlapping traits within the same style. For example, if a player wanted to bring 3 red decks, he or she would just need to select 3 MPs with no overlapping traits (e.g. Ruthless Videl, Amplified Buu, and Ascension Piccolo).

To enter the tournament, find the appropriate post on the DBZ OCTGN Facebook page. Deck lists are due on Thursday, January 3rd with the first round to begin the following day. Round will last for 7 days. The tournament will end when there is one remaining player.



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