MXOLT 3 Deck Profile: Tommy (Andre) Mains


Terry McGinnis will be leading my squad to glory in the upcoming Meta X OCTGN League Tournament (MXOLTIII). I really wanted to play this list last time (and its Constantine Special 6 precursor in the original MXOLT), but each time I opted from an amalgam of Joker/Harley. Previous versions of this deck lacked the draw power and MP generation to keep up with other top decks. I believe I have solved that issue with a few key cards.

The List

Thanks and the toyboat!


Characters (14):

3x Terry McGinnis – Batman of the Future (C8-BM)
3x John Constantine – Occult Detective (R104-JL)
2x Catwoman – Thief (U72-BM)
2x Green Lantern – Hal Jordan (P7-JL)
2x Hal Jordan – Insatiable Greed (R110-GL)
2x Wonder Woman – Amazon Princess (P11-JL)

Battle Cards (22):

3x Special 6 (U97-JL)
3x Strength / Intelligence / Special 4 (P3-JL)
1x Special 3 (C53-GL)
2x Intelligence / Special 3 (C48-BM)
3x Special 1 (C51-GL)
3x Intelligence 2 (C38-JL)
2x Intelligence 3 (C42-JL)
2x Strength 1 (C39-BM)

3x Intelligence / Special 6 (U99-BM)

Events (4):

2x Echolocation (C22-JL)
2x Perseverance (U74-AT)


This deck wants to see either Terry or Constantine right out of the gate, so don’t be afraid to mulligan in hopes of seeing one of them. At first, I tend to play defensively waiting for sure VP strikes and using Battle Cards defensively to kill off any problematic attackers and clear my board for new Character and additional MP. The high Battle Card count helps to ensure that I have the tools I need to filter my had, gain MP, protect my Characters, or recur  cards.

That last point is crucial. With 40 cards decks mill will always be a viable strategy. Drawing cards is great, but you have to be able to get cards back into your deck. Without access to Rebirth, for myself or my opponent thanks to Terry, I needed ways to get cards back. Intelligence/Special 6, Intelligence 3, and Catwoman are crucial for this piece of the puzzle.

Negating my opponent’s effects allows me to play the game at whatever tempo my cards in hand allow me to. With the right presence of characters, I can gain VP consistently enough to win in the mid-game, or with my ability to get cards back, I could be the only player with juice left at the end of the game to finish out the climb to 7 Victory Points.


This is sure to be a fun tournament. No matter what the future holds for this game, we’ll have a good time just as we did previously.

Good luck all!

If you’re still figuring this game out, be sure to check out this post regarding building your first deck as well as all of the other fan content out there!



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