Triad 2: Survivor Series


As we embark on the Triad 2, let’s see how things are going to shake out from round to round. 90 decks are entering into the contest. After just 3 Rounds some players could be eliminated as we cut the amount of viable decks to just 45. From there, the number of decks defeated each Round will depend on the amount of remaining players.

Most likely, there will be a wide swath of players with some wins and losses under their belts as we get into Rounds 4-6. As noted before, some players, unfortunately, will be eliminated during this time. Their sacrifices will limit the player pool, making some player v. player rematches possible as we get into the later rounds.

I am estimating this tournament to last approximately 9-14 rounds. Unfortunately, we do not have Set 12 involved for this endeavor. I want to thank you all in advance for your participation and endurance for what could be a very long event. Be sure to let me know how you like the experience of this experimental tournament.

I will be awarding some titles and honors to the Triad that I feel are The Most Powerful, The Angriest, The Most Thematic, The Triad With the Biggest Dragon Balls, and maybe more. After I report the decks participating, I will be writing up my thoughts on the Set 11 meta.

Good luck out there,



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