Triad 2: The First Three Rounds


I will be posting the pairings for the first 3 rounds here. You are welcome to play ahead if you and your opponent have complete their previous round’s match.

Since some players could be eliminated after 3 rounds, I am unable to post pairings beyond this point.

Triad Procedure

I’ve had to make a few clarifications for procedures, so I thought I’d make a note here. In Triad 2 we are not “freezing” any of the opponent’s decks. In fact, your opponent does not need to tell you anything about their Triad 2 decks. They simply only need to load one of their available Triad 2 decks and fight you.

  1. Schedule a match with your paired opponent.
  2. Open a game on OCTGN.
  3. Load, but do not reveal, one of your remaining available Triad 2 decks.
  4. Once your opponent has completed Step 3, reveal your Mastery and Main Personality.
  5. Roll to determine who goes first.
  6. Shuffle. If you’re good, shuffle like 13 times even though once is probably enough on OCTGN.
  7. Ensure a player has the Save Game State feature on.
  8. Play FanZ.
  9. Report your win. This can be done to me directly, since I need to know which deck won and which deck lost, and the winner may wish to keep his winning deck private. You may also report on the main thread on the OCTGN page.
  10. PM your would-be next round opponent to see about scheduling a match once he has completed his previous round’s match.

Round 1

round 1

Reminder: the number in parenthesis corresponds with your ranking on the OCTGN League Facebook page’s Leader Board. This number is just for reference and has no bearing on your seed for Triad 2.

Round 2

Round 2.PNG

Reminder: round should not be played out of turn. Don’t be that guy. Both players need to have completed their Round 1 match before playing Round 2 and so on. Most importantly, this is because a deck could be eliminated in Round 1 which should not be used in later rounds, etc.

Round 3

Round 3.PNG

Happy fighting,


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