Triad 2: The Fall of the One-of Entrants


So far in Triad 2, many Main Personalities who were only represented by one of our players have fallen.

Yamcha, a marvelous MP, suited up–nay, got Amped up in his best Red outfit. Yet, he was no match for his foe.

Nappa, the Rampaging Saiyan warrior, couldn’t smash face fast enough. RIP.

Babidi, you brought all of your friends, you had a plan to Tag them in, you were the chosen one, alas.

Dabura, while a darker version of you has been more prevalent, you Adeptly arrived to the Triad to slice, to dice, and to spit. Your time was cut short. Until next time.

Current Kill Count

As of January 8th, 9:00 PM Central time, 18 decks have been eliminated from Triad 2. Here’s a breakdown of the defeated decks by Style:

Black (2 out of 17)

Mischievous–Bardock, Goku

Blue (3 out of 12)

Resourceful–Future Gohan

Tag–Babidi, Cell

Orange (2 out of 12)

Adept–Buu, Dabura

Red (5 out of 20)

Amplified–Yamcha, Krillin


Ruthless–Goku, Villain Vegeta

Namekian (2 out of 12)


Radiant–Lord Slug

Saiyan (4 out of 11)

Rampaging–Goku, Nappa, Villain Vegeta

Dynamic–Villain Vegeta

The Battle Continues

66 decks remain. Who shall come out on top in the Triad 2? A handful of one-of entries are still alive. Will one of those succeed, or will one of the many show their dominance?See our list of Combatants, and let me know which MP will reign supreme as champion.




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