New Broly Deck List #1–Red Amplified


Movie Collection 2 has a lot to live up to. It has been a while since set 11, and the players are hungry for new tools. One of our new tools is a fresh Broly stack, of course it’s completely mixable with the previous stack as well. I gave some of my initial thoughts on the upcoming Broly stack here: New Broly: First Impressions.

The List

Red Amplified Mastery

1: Broly–Returned

2: Broly–Vengeful

3: Broly–Resurrected

4: Broly–Bio Warrior

Attacks (29)


3 Broly’s Eraser Cannon

3 Broly’s Giantic Meteor

3 Assisted Kamehameha

3 Red Hurl

3 Red Tandem Blast

3 Red Left Bolt

3 Red Static Shot

2 Red Right Blast

2 Red Aerial Assault

2 Red Driving Knee

2 Suppressive Strike

Blocks (14)


2 Red Flee

3 Red Brace

2 Red Stop

3 Red Blocking Hand

2 Red Reverse

1 Red Resourceful Block

1 Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Events (9)


3 Stare Down

3 Villainous Energy Sphere

1 Red Inferno

2 Unleashed

Setups and Drills (8)


1 Red Intimidation Drill

1 Red Controlled Anger Drill

1 Red Despair Drill

2 Red Destiny

3 Red Blaze


26 over 12 cards–definitely too low for comfort, but it’s a start!

Cards on the Bubble

-I’ll Dig Your Grave

-On the Move

-A 3rd Destiny

-A 3rd Flee

-More Endurance–Possibly from the damage banishing FanZ energy attacks.


  1. Slime to level 2.
  2. Set up the board a little on 2.
  3. In early combats, trade blows as much as possible–use the Broly persona to intimidate your opponent into playing at your tempo.
  4. Decide whether or not MPPV is possible. If not, find that Unleashed or anyway to get to 3.
  5. Use tempo and sequencing to layer attacks, rejuvenation, and crits to control the board and to win the damage game.


This is certainly a rough draft. However, the power and some of the innate synergies and potential for consistency easily slot most Broly decks immediate in the Tier 2.0 zone. With some tweaking, I’m sure this deck could land in the 1.5 territory.

This was just my first crack at the hulking Saiyan. If you haven’t already made your own lists, feel free to use this as a skeleton. PM or e-mail me if you want the OCTGN file, then you can really make it your own.


Feel free to let me know what I got wrong and how yours is better!




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