Triad 2: The Fallen, The Data, Round 4, and Beyond

the fallen edited

To any and all image editors, I’m sorry you have to look at this image… I truly don’t have the software, skills, or time to learn proper skills, so you all get this Frankenstein’s monster abomination to honor the Triad 2 Fallen. The threat of erasure has been looming over all 28 players. These 5 Z Warriors were the first to fall. May their decks forever rest in peace.

Speaking of their decks, let’s honor them with recognition.

The Fallen

Miguel Gonzalez

Orange Adept Gohan

Saiyan Dynamic Villain Vegeta

Red Ascension Master Roshi


Justin Santana

Black Mischievous Supreme Kai

Blue Tag Team Cell

Saiyan Rampaging Nappa


Trey Beasley

Namekian Knowledge Cell

Black Mischievous Villain Vegeta

Blue Protective Future Gohan


Jeremy Cooley

Black Mischievous Villain Vegeta

Namekian Knowledge Cell

Red Ruthless Hercule


Daniel Anthony

Blue Protective Future Gohan

Namekian Radiant Lord Slug

Red Ascension Master Roshi


The Data

Keeping track of all of this has been a little bit more intense than I anticipated, especially since we rushed the first few rounds. Don’t be surprised if I message you to clarify the decks you’ve used and faced. At the end of Triad 2, I intend on sharing my spreadsheet with all of you. Here’s some pictures of things which, I think, are undefeated.







As the tournament continues, more and more powerful decks will fall by the wayside. Many rogue decks remain to surprise the battle-hardened late-round decks.

Let’s also pay respects to our undefeated players (who have played their 3 rounds): Brandon (Big Time) Biggers, Kelly (Blocked) Dennis, and James (The Judge) Stadtmiller!

For those wondering, I am keeping track of how each player’s 3 decks perform–what lost to what and what beat what. I am also keeping track of all matching MP and Mastery combinations–losses and wins. For example, Orange decks did a lot of eliminating of the decks belonging to our fallen players.

Round 4

Round 4 Pairings have been posted elsewhere, but here’s this if you need it:

round 4


As Triad 2 continues, other decks will be erased from the competition. Zeno will delightfully tap across his godpad to send more players packing as they wait for the one-day OLT, come on Kevin Dennis!

I will post new rounds as soon as I am able. There are now too many X-2 players to give pairings out too far in advance. I don’t want to subject you all to Kentucky-heatstroke re-pairs. However, rounds will certainly speed up as the number of matches per round dwindles. Players are allotted 1 week to schedule their match, but I have truly loved the speed the tournament has taken on so far.

How have you liked the tournament so far? I really think we’ve produced some significant buzz for FanZ.

What changes would you like to see to the format? I’m sure I’m biased, but I really think elimination tournaments are the way to go on OCTGN. It’s hard to get pumped for a Swiss tourney when you’re already X-2, X-3. Lots of people just drop at that point anyway. While losing is awful, and losing a deck completely may be even worse, I really love that the players bright a wide variety of decks to Triad 2 to compete.

If you’re on Retro, you’ve surely seen Frank’s deck list videos that he’s been spinning out. Frank is a great player and builder, thanks for your passion, Frank!

As this FanZ experiment continues we will surely see some community shifts. People coming and going. Old players coming back with gusto, only to disappear without warning. This game really is great, the players are great, and the live tournament really have no equal. I know a lot of us are yearning for 3.0, but let’s make the best of what we have right now. Let’s also remember, Midwest is best.

End rant, peace.


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3 thoughts on “Triad 2: The Fallen, The Data, Round 4, and Beyond

  1. I really like this format, one change though that might be interesting in the future is when your deck loses if you have at least 1 other deck remaining you can choose to have one of them eliminated instead of the losing deck. Sort of how a Z fighter might attempt to get in the way of an attack sacrificing themselves to save their companion or how a villain might push one of their allies/minions into an attack to save themselves. You can even limit it that so that you can only use that ability once per tournament so that you still have to use at least 2 different decks.


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