South Kai Report: Daniel Behee


-Details of this report are from Daniel’s Facebook Tournament Report from South Kai (1-26-19).

The List: Combative Trunks

Planning Cards (23)

2 orange attraction drill
1 orange checkup drill
1 orange shopping drill
1 orange burning aura drill
1 orange steady drill
1 orange hiding drill
1 orange possession drill
1 orange empowerment drill
1 orange viewing drill
1 orange torching drill
1 orange crashing drill
1 orange restructuring drill
1 orange conference drill
1 orange devouring drill
1 orange distracting drill
1 orange guardian drill
2 aggressive sword drill
1 hidden power drill
1 acquisition drill
1 deflection drill
1 quickness drill

Events and Blocks (22)

3 orange memory
3 orange destruction
3 orange juke
1 orange meditation
2 heroic energy sphere
1 tug of war
1 time is a warriors tool

2 orange swerve
2 orange refocus
1 orange defense

3 orange dismissal

Attacks (15)

3 orange sword chop
3 orange bicycle kick
2 orange launcher
2 orange tank barrage
2 trunks knee bash
1 trunks sword slash

2 orange sweeping blast


Round 1 Win, Radiant Kami, The Abomination

I felt good about this game going into it. I knew what to expect, and I knew that hiding/steady drill and attraction drill were going to seal it. We passed back and forth a few turns, ended up going as expected and knee bashing his key drills while getting destruction off.

MVP trunks knee bash

Round 2 Win, Resolute Krillin, Soloman McGeehan

Another great matchup for me. Very similar early game to game one, knee bash took out key setups while hiding drill minimized chokes. He wasn’t able to get any early pain going, and we all know orange has a late game that’s hard to handle.

MVP trunks knee bash

Round 3 Loss, Radiant Future Gohan, Anthony Tardino

I thought this game might be tricky, but vengeance trunks has a great handle on future Gohan in that he isn’t affected much by his power being shut off. Namekian decks that aren’t speedball are usually an easy matchup for combative trunks.
First two turns we pass, I drop burning aura and quickness. He enters turn three and his early damage drops two knee bash, and then it happened; he throws sinister choke and banishes both of my launchers and checkup drill. The game grinds on, I level to two to crit a ball, which he takes right back with double strike, and then I find myself more worried about getting conference drill out of discard then putting knee bashes back using mastery for fear of hurried quest and ball 2. Last combat we are both very low on life cards, I enter and sword chop, he blocks. He passes, I pass and completely forget to possession drill and draw a tank. That combat ends and he balls out with 1 card in life deck after drawing 3, I had 5 cards left which were tank barrage, destruction, and 3 drills.

MVP sinister choke

Round 4 Loss, Mischievous Supreme Kai, Dakid Wayne Bettis

This game I felt good about going into it, but I was too slow getting attraction drill out and I was blindsided by the recollection drill nonsense. I got shopping drill out and steady drill, but I failed to get deflection drill and hiding or attraction drill which I desperately needed. His early damage discards deflection drill, I fail to get viewing drill out all game. I get hiding and steady, which he answers the following turn with ball 4. I enter one combat and throw sweeping blast and manage to get a destruction off, he uses power up and gets out before I can use the second one. Next combat I enter and destruction, which he halts. End of game closes and he has 5 balls in play and 3 life cards in deck, which recollection drill mills me down to 3 in deck causing me to lose survival on draw.

MVP halt

Round 5 Win, Ruthless Villain Vegeta, Bobby

I wasn’t sure how this would go, but I knew it would be determined early game. I setup extremely quickly and immediately discard memory for shopping drill. He passed several turns early on, which ended up paying off for him as he draws observation and enters with it to cause me to discard all my drills. I start recovering right away with 2 juke and refocus plus mastery, but he unleashes to 3 and proceeds to destroy more drills. I sweeping blast and manage to avoid a gallick gun.

He was running stare downs, on the move, Gallick guns and final flashes…. and unleashed, so his discard pile had many non styled cards which shopping drill was keeping him from banishing. He enters again and unleashes to 4, which then hits for 11. I am down by a lot at this point (12 life cards to 30+) but manage to rejuvenate a destruction and a sword chop while viewing and attraction are rewarding me for passing and holding blocks. Sweeping blast buys me a combat as I enter blindly and shut off his whole hand. Quickness tutors bicycle kick to my hand and I draw another one, then manage to mill 15 with bicycle kick and the damage from the third one finishes the game with 4 life cards on my end.

MVP orange sweeping blast


End of Swiss, my tiebreakers end up sucking and 3 players make it in to top 8 with a 3-2 record, with myself and Brad not making it with a 3-2 record. Had an amazing time, loved meeting the east coast guys and congrats to Dakid Wayne for winning the rights to make a black card! Can’t wait for next year!



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