OK, so back in the day I was a manager at a country club and joined a semi-professional football team. I destroyed my ankle and couldn’t work for a few weeks, so in my spare time I created a DBZ Role-playing engine.

My RPG group had a couple of testing nights with the game, and with the help of some Svedka and Red Bull we had a damn good time. That campaign went something like this:

The crew were members of Frieza’s army. Their NPC commander was an android disguised as a Saiyan. The players were sent to a planet to take over and had some incredible fights. My favorite moment was when the real Saiyan, Toma, threw the player using a Namekian at their opponent. While in mid-air, the Namekian used multi-form and then attacked the foe. It was a creative use of the “only two actions per turn” system to avoid having to close the gap between the melee Namekian and the opponent.

Needless to say, I don’t expect anyone to actually play this, but there’s over 20 pages of rules and player’s manual things, blank character sheets, an algorithm for calculating Power Level, and pre-constructed characters as well. If you ever find yourself with nothing better to do, here you go!



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