Triad 2: The Fallen Through 5 Rounds


Some things are counter factual about this image for Triad 2 purposes–for example, there were no Android 18  decks in the event. Cell is super eliminated from the event, though.

Current Kill Count

As of February 1st, 7:00 AM Central time, 67 decks have been eliminated from Triad 2. Here’s a breakdown of the defeated decks by Style, I will not disclose the quantity of a given MP eliminated to give some protection to what’s left:

Black (15 out of 17)

Mischievous–Bardock, Buu, Goku, Villain Vegeta, Supreme Kai, Cell, Android 16, Chilled

Blue (10 out of 12)

Protective–Future Gohan, Supreme Kai

Resolute–Cooler, Krillin

Resourceful–Future Gohan

Tag–Babidi, Cell, Goku, Gohan

Orange (10 out of 12)

Adept–Buu, Dabura, Gohan, Android 13

Combative–Goku, Kami, Pikkon, Trunks

Red (16 out of 20)

Amplified–Yamcha, Krillin, Buu

Ascension–Master Roshi, Hercule, Buu

Ruthless–Goku, Villain Vegeta, Hercule

Namekian (7 out of 12)

Enlightened–Piccolo, Gohan


Radiant–Lord Slug

Saiyan (9 out of 11)

Rampaging–Goku, Nappa, Villain Vegeta

Dynamic–Villain Vegeta, Vegeta, Goku



I reserve the right to have gotten some of this wrong. I also look forward to sharing the entire spreadsheet with you all at the conclusion of Triad 2. I have learned a lot tracking all of this, and I know how I could do it better next time.

17 decks remain. Who will win? What will win? Will Brandon (Big Time) Biggers ever lose??? We shall see. Thanks for your support.


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