Bojack: First Impressions Feeling Blue

As Bojack enters the fray of competition many are speculating as to which Style will be best for the space pirate. While I do think that he will threaten tier 1 status with a few different Masteries, today I will be looking at a Blue build.

Bojack’s Strengths

Reading through his MP stack, Bojack clearly has a knack for keeping an opponent’s anger from rising too high. He can directly lower anger as well as the level of the opposing Main Personality. This unique effect will surely leave a mark on the expanding meta game. So, what else does Bojack bring to the table? In some ways he is the Energy Attack version of our old friend Android 13. The comparisons have been made elsewhere, and after physical beats enjoyed a resurgence, it now seems that energy decks will be getting some support by way of MPs and other cards from Set 12.

Bojack also has some ways of drawing cards via his new Named Setup: Bojack’s Nefarious Plot.

Bojack has several ways of interacting with the parenthetical of this card. Many fans of Blue will also use Blue Resourceful Mastery’s often overlooked Instant Power to draw a card in combat.

The Stack–In Case You Missed It

Today’s List

I chose Blue Protective Mastery for my Bojack list today. I’m excited about a few other possibilities for him, but I think this list provides a good way of getting to know our newest MP.


Blue Protective Mastery

Bojack 1-4

Planning Cards (15)


1 Team Bojack–Gathered

1 Captain Ginyu–Aggressive

1 Jiece–Ginyu Force

1 Frieza–Mastermind

3 Bojack’s Nefarious Plot

3 Malicious Intent

3 Blue Stylish Pose

2 Blue Rebuke

Events (6)

3 Unleashed

3 Villainous Energy Sphere

Blocks (10)

1 Time is a Warrior’s Tool

3 Blue Shifting Maneuver

3 Blue Rest

3 Blue Narrow Escape

Attacks (29)


3 Bojack’s Galactic Buster

3 Sinister Choke

2 I’ll Dig Your Grave

2 Tortuous Volley

1 Overpowering Attack

2 Blue Smug Punch

3 Blue Neck Beam

1 Blue Betrayal

3 Blue Head Knock

3 Blue Clash

3 Blue Decapitation

3 Blue Slash


I don’t think this list is optimal or the end all be all for Bojack. However, it’s a suitable Blue beats list with defensive protection with the Mastery. We are virtually removing MPPV as something to worry about, and we have enough damage to keep with other heavy hitters.

This list’s weakness is obviously a linear physical beats list. While there are ways to mitigate stage damage to avoid being locked, the threat is still there.

This Bojack wants to level and punish the opponent with life card damage. He’ll rejuvenate some cards with his level 2 ability and torturous volley, then turn on the gas with levels 3 and 4 to seal the game. With plenty of board control options, Bojack is sure to be seen on a table, Virtual or otherwise, across from you soon.




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