Deck List: Red Ruthless Frieza

As set 12 continues to support our lord & savior, let’s look at this Red list:

 -Red Ruthless Mastery

-Frieza–Resident of HFIL


-Frieza–Galactic Conqueror


Endurance: 38 total Endurance over 19 different cards. Not bad for a Red deck, but a lot of this Endurance is going to be in and out of the Banished Zone throughout the game.

Attacks (19)


3 Frieza’s Super Nova
2 Red Shining Sword Attack
1 Overpowering Attack
2 Torturous Volley
2 Wallbreaker
2 Optic Blast
3 Red Static Shot
2 Red Left Bolt
2 Red Power Lift

Blocks (11)


3 Red Brace
2 Red Body Block
3 Red Capture
1 Time is a Warrior’s Tool
2 Frieza’s Arrogance

Events (11)


2 Overwhelming Power
2 Villainous Energy Sphere
2 Stare Down
3 Red Announcement
2 Red Focus

Planning (19)


3 Malicious Intent
1 Villainous Visage
1 King Cold
1 Chilled
1 Captain Ginyu
1 Mr. Announcer
7 Namek Dragon Balls
1 Dragon Radar
3 Red Relaxation



First combat, unless you’re very fearful of being immediately dropped back to level 1, you’ll want to boost up to Golden form and start your reign of terror.

The Ban Package

Against most decks:

  • 2 Frieza’s Arrogance
  • 2 Red Shining Sword Attack
  • 2 Overwhelming Power
  • 1 Red Announcement
Against a board-heavy deck:

  • 2 Frieza’s Arrogance
  • 2 Red Shining Sword Attack
  • 3 Red Announcement

Now that you’re Golden and ready to flood the board with allies, balls, and good old fashioned Relaxation, let’s prepare for the rest of the game.

Nova or Bust

Using Malicious Intent to remove blocks and Captain Ginyu/Stare Down to keep an eye on their hand, pick your spots to fire away some Novas! Hopefully, you can pull off the Body Block combo to make it unpreventable.

You don’t have a lot of blocks or endurance, so you’ll need to set up early game and capitalize in the mid game. Use Dragon Balls to buy yourself the time you need before obliterating your opponent’s Life Deck count.

Survive long enough, and you’ll be pushing DBV. You’ll need to be careful around anger decks. Manage you’re crits wisely and make sure your Ball 2 play counts.

FanZ Data Tracking



DBZ RPG: Combat Example Part 1, Tien Strikes First


















































































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