Tournament Report: Diapers for John


Tournament from November 10th, 2018.

After some last minute cancellations, we ended up with 11 players for the Diapers for John FanZ Tournament. We received a lot of prize support for this event, including Community Level Power Level, promos, and prizes donated by John himself to be auctioned off in exchange for diapers, wipes, and cold hard cash for his, now born, son. Our players came in from across the Midwest to do battle in between OP seasons.

The Players, Ranked

  1. Albert Hendrickson, Black Mischievous Broly
  2. Tommy (Andre) Mains, Namekian Enlightened Lord Slug
  3. John Benoist, Black Mischievous Android 13
  4. Chris Lambkin, Red Ruthless Villain Vegeta
  5. Brandon (Yolo Swag Money) Mains, Red Ruthless Broly
  6. Trevor (Over 9,000) Cox, Orange Adept Android 13
  7. Kevin Lambkin, Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
  8. Trey Beasley, Black Mischievous Android 13
  9. Timothy Cable, Red Ruthless Goku
  10. Josh Wagner, Black Mischievous Dabura
  11. Derek Klaren, Red Ruthless Villain Vegeta
  12. Chris Williams, honorary mention–got into a car accident on the way there

A Retrospective

The champ teaching the next generation. Pictured: Brandon Mains taking off his coat, Trey’s hat, Trevor Cox, Tommy Mains, and Derek’s hand.

While I would have loved for more participation, I truly believed everyone who played had a great time. I was very glad to have so many people come in from out of state. If only our local crowd could have showed up in force a little more. Things happen!

Our raffle went well. People were very generous to John with donations, and he was able to donate some of his personal UR and Promo collection to spice up the giveaway. Those world’s Red Double Strikes were pretty to old, even if just for a moment. I think Mr. Cable won those.

I look forward to hosting another diaper event in a few months for my older brother Brandon! I hope to have an even bigger turn out for the Set 12 event. We will have another raffle while accepting diapers and other baby goods to get ready for my nephew’s arrival.



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