MXOLT 3 Tournament Report


To see a full breakdown of the list I ran in the 3rd MetaX OCTGN League Tournament, go here: MXOLT 3 Deck Profile: Tommy (Andre) Mains.


Round by Round


1: Kasey Bertsch–Female Titan, WIN, 1-0

Abusing Female Titan is a great deck concept. Fortunately, I was able to get Terry and Constantine out early and generate the VPs needed to take the match.

2: Jerry Ricker–GCPD, LOSS, 1-1

GCPD is truly one of the best decks out there. In retrospect, I should have taken this match way slower, keeping my Battle Cards for defense and played the long game. I’m sure that’s how I would have handled this in person, but with limited time to play the OCTGN match, and seeing a small opening to try to take the game, I went aggressive, but didn’t have quite the gas to seal it before GCPD did what GCPD does.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

3: Ty Tracey–Green Lantern, WIN, 2-1

I knew Green Lantern decks had some great synergy, but Ty really played to all of its strengths. Unfortunately for Hal Jordan and the gang, my negates, especially from Terry, were just what I needed to maintain advantage and take the W.

4: Forefeit due to lack of availability on my part, 2-2

: – (

Goodbye top cut…


5: Jeff Ricker–Rogues Gallery, LOSS, 2-3

I had a feeling my tie breakers would actually be pretty good, but I had to beat Jeff for any chance at top cut. Constantine and Terry continued to do good work for me. Jeff played a great game and capitalized whenever he had the chance to fire all of his effects. Great games, I’ll be back for ya!


The negate engine from Constantine and Terry McGinnis is truly a powerful one. I believe I leveraged their advantage with card draw effects (Green Lantern, Special BCs, etc.) and board clearing via Wonder Woman. I don’t regret having Wonder Woman at a 2 of at all. I received so much value from her throughout the tournament. I do miss having XR Nightwing in the build, though.

I was worried about mill, so I needed Cat Woman to get some cards back–Int/Spc 6 from Batman helped a lot too. With mill in mind, I didn’t want to have too much draw power. However, not having more cards in hand was probably my downfall. Slotting Gifts back into deck would probably go a long way in helping. I do feel that this version of the deck was better at MP generation than previous builds, but I think there’s more work towards optimization.


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