Mischievous Goten: Deck Spotlight

Working with angry children has led me down some interesting paths. I’ve been toying with this deck the last two sets, and I really think it has some merits. I wish I would have gone with my gut and played this at the Kenosha qualifier–Ascension Goten went on to place 2nd at the event. This spotlight will be a little bit more in depth because I will potentially have a player who hasn’t played since Score pilot the deck at the Diapers for Brandon event in St. Louis on June 8th.

The List

Attacks (28)

3 Devastating Blow
3 Shoulder Slam
1 Overpowering Attack
3 Black Overhead Burst
3 Black Hug Maneuver
3 Black Lunge
3 Black Chin Kick
3 Black Combo
3 Black Dash
3 Black Back Strike

Blocks (12)

1 Time is a Warrior’s Tool
3 Black Resistance
2 Black Corruption
3 Black Check
3 Black Knee Catch

Events (11)

2 Confrontation
3 Black Schematics
3 Black Command
3 Black Mischief

Planning (9)

1 Black Radiating Drill
1 Black Rupture Drill
1 Black Learning Drill
1 Black Smoothness drill
1 Black Chopping Drill
1 Black Obstructing Drill

1 Mr. Announcer–Guy in Shades
1 ChiChi–Armed and Dangerous
1–Kid Trunks–Mocking


It’s important to note again that this deck was modified for easier playing for a new player. While there are some complicated interactions, the deck can also be viewed as physical beats/anger deck. The layers that Goten adds through drill manipulation can provide a lot of valuable and situational tech.

While progressing through Goten’s levels, this deck wants to play key drills depending on the current board state. When advancing to level 2, if they’re aren’t any tech drills required at the time, then finding a pure value drill like Black Smoothness Drill is more than fine for this deck’s pilot.

For now, let’s analyze each of the drills individually:


In a meta that can consist of every type of deck, Mischievous Goten wants to be prepared for anything while at the same time pushing his primary win condition of MPPV.

Black Radiating Drill punishes every energy beats deck–including certain Amplified and Orange builds which lower the stage cost for every attack to 1 or 0 stages. Goten will be pushing enough stage damage to threaten locking blasters out of combat, and with drill in play, every energy attack the opponent has in his hand gives that player more to think about with depleting resources.

The banishing from Rejuvenate effects has clear value in some match-ups as well. Some decks just don’t die easily, but this drill and 3 Devastating Blows will turn the tide in baby-Goku’s favor.


Endurange–Check. Damage mod–Check. Discard Pile hate–Check.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Initial builds of this deck including 3 copies of Black Learning Drill. Being able to tutor this Drill when your opponent has a troublesome board card in play can turn the tides in combat or in the rhythm of the whole game. This counter card will be looking for targets like Dragon Radar, Red Bribe, Black Searching Technique, Blue Stylish Pose, Malicious Intent, and so many other strong Setups or Drills.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Since Set 1 Black Smoothness Drill has been one of the most powerful cards in the game. Even just limited to 1 per deck, once this card is in play, its owner can gain value from sculpting great hands or just out-playing the opponent by having more tools in combat.


Similar to Rupture Drill, Black Chopping Drill adds a solid damage buff to Goten’s Styled attacks while adding another way for the deck to banish the opponent’s discard pile. Over and over again we see decks winning tournaments that have ways of interacting with and benefit from manipulating and cycling cards from their discard pile, hating on this pile is a great way to gain incremental advantages throughout the course of the game.


This Drill has obvious value, but it does not see a lot of play. Ally decks have always had a lot of staying power in the overall meta. Being able to shut down a large number of allies has clear benefit. Something worth noting is that a lot of FanZ allies have constant abilities and a standard Power. With this Drill even those allies lose all effects.

One Angry Half-Saiyan

With 70 printed anger and even more situational anger from Black Mischievous Mastery and Black Chin Kick, this deck can straight fly. 25 cards in the deck immediately gain 2 anger, so chaining enough anger in combat to gain a level shouldn’t be too difficult.

The deck can struggle against other MPPV decks, which is why I’ve put a premium on cards like Shoulder Slam and Devastating Blow. I won’t be able to drop my opponent’s level, but I can hopefully keep their anger gain in check while advancing my own.

Winning Combats

This deck can count a win from a combat any time they advance a personality level, limit the damage it receives by pushing stage pressure, eliminate threats via Mischievous Mastery, and get Drills into play.

The blocks in the deck are mostly selected for their anger swings. Some, like Black Corruption and Black Check can provide extra value when on level 3 through the discard. When selecting which attacks to block from the opponent, this deck wants to always keep tabs on the anger level of itself and the opponent–if you can level from the block, go ahead and do it! Goten’s Defensive Stance is great, but I stand by the decision to keep it out of the deck. It doesn’t provide any anger, and there’s just not enough Drills in the deck to justify slotting it over the Black blocks.

With 28 attacks in the deck, Goten is sure to be swinging early and often. While the damage output is not all that high on a curve compared to other top decks, the stage pressure provided should keep some opponent’s on their toes, but, again, the attacks selected are here primarily for their anger gaining abilities.

Bubble Cards

-Heroic Dashing Punch
-Heroic Energy Sphere

So, what do you think about the deck? What changes would you make? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I hope you can all look forward to more content from me in the coming weeks as we all prepare for the Tournament of Power!

-Tommy Mains


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