Diapers for Brandon: FanZ Cash Tournament

Come one, come all to St. Louis for another diaper fundraiser/FanZ Power Level Cash Tournament. This time we’ll be helping out my brother Brandon Mains whose son will be born just weeks after the event!

All of the trappings of a community level event will be present–promos, Power Level, cash payouts, but we will also be facilitating a lottery for various prizes in exchange for diapers, baby goods, or cold-hard cash.

This is a FanZ Community Level event. Top 4 players will receive Power Level (1st: 400, 2nd: 150, 3rd: 50, 4th: 50) towards this season’s Tournament of Power as well as cash. All players will have a chance to receive Awesome Sauce Proxies just for playing!

On the side, we will be accepting diaper, wipes, cash, and other baby goods for Brandon Mains. All donations will yield tickets for a special prize raffle. More information regarding the raffle will be released closer to the event.

Entry fee: $15 (all money goes towards cash payout).

Your deck should follow the current FanZ CRD. Registration will be required. You may begin registering at 10:15 AM. Round 1 will begin at 11:00 AM. Event details can be found here.

The Raffle

Participants who buy raffle tickets ($5 per ticket) or who donate to receive tickets (2 tickets per pack of 7th Generation Wipes, 1 ticket per any other brand of wipes, 1 ticket per 15 diapers in a pack, 1 ticket per baby book, etc.) will be eligible for some amazing prizes.

If you wish to donate money, but you are not able to attend the event, we may just be able to include you in our raffle–you’d have to pay shipping for any items won.

The Prizes





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