Knowledge Gohan: Deck Spotlight

Gohan is one of my favorite characters from the series. In set 1 I knew I wanted to play Gohan or Piccolo. Of course, Namekian Knowledge Mastery had to start out as a cluster, and as a filthy casual player, I didn’t want to play the top mastery–even in it’s lesser form with Gohan at the helm. With the addition of Porunga, I decided to give Knowledge Gohan another go–the results have been pretty great.

The List

Even with Gohan–Armored being limited to once per turn, the instant anger can really propel a quick MPPV.

Namekian Knowledge Mastery

Gohan–To the Rescue

Attacks (26)

3 Enraged Blast
3 Gohan’s Power Punch
1 Overpowering Attack
2 Heroic Dashing Punch
3 Devastating Blow
2  Namekian Maximum Will
2 Namekian Double Strike
2 Namekian Onslaught
2 Namekian Confident Burst
3 Namekian Right Throw
3 Namekian Direct Strike

Blocks (13)

3 Namekian Hybrid Defense
3 Namekian Protective Posture
3 Namekian Flinch
3 Namekian Knee Block
1 Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Events (2)

2 Heroic Energy Sphere

Planning (19)

7 Namekian Dragon Balls 1-7
1 Dragon Radar
1 Namekian Dragon Clan
2 Namekian Growth
1 Namekian Wish

1 Icarus–Supportive
1 Kami–Guardian
1 Ox King–Naming Genius
1 ChiChi–Armed and Dangerous
1 Piccolo–Waiting
1 Korin–Watching from Afar
1 Porunga–Dragon of Namek

To the Rescue


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