FanZ Limited Formats: Set 13 Starter Deck Tournament


For the non-readers, fill out this form to enter the tournament officially.


Limited formats in card games can be some of the funnest tabletop experiences out there. Unfortunately, DBZ has never lent itself well to drafting or having particularly fun sealed events.

We’ve gone through 3 Panini Starters, and while some starters ran sealed events with starters and a few packs, the matches seemed too wonky (Saiyan Empowered Frieza, for example). Now with Fusion, I’ll be introducing a 4th starter, and similarly to the Awakening starters, these will be complete and thematic decks ready for play. If things go well, I will retroactively make starter decks for the Set 10 masteries and personalities. These starter decks will be pre-programmed into OCTGN. My hope is that new and casual players can crack into these decks to play with new personalities and masteries before diving into the deck building process that some of us truly love.

This September, I will be hosting an expandable Starter Deck OCTGN tournament with the new Set 13 masteries and main personalities. Players will select a starter deck and then receive additional cards via Styled boosters to improve the direction that players want to take their decks. Wins will grant points with pony values increasing as the tournament progresses. So, don’t worry if you lose your first couple of matches, improve your deck and win the next ones.

Depending on the number of players, each Style will have a limited number of decks available. In this way, I hope to have roughly equal representation among the Styles. In order to accommodate this, I will be asking players to rate (1-6) the Style which they will want to play.


The Format

During the first two rounds of the tournament players will use the starter decks just as they’re made. I will try my best to make the decks balanced with each other, but also expandable to each player’s play style. Use these rounds to get a feel for where the deck can go.

Each player will know their first two opponents. Everyone will have two weeks to complete both matches. Each win during this phase will be worth 3 points.

After every player has completed the first two rounds, then I will dole out expansion packs. These packs will be thematic and selectable for each Style. For example, the Orange Energetic Vegito player may choose the Anger Expansion Pack, the Damage Expansion Pack, or the Drill Expansion Pack to supplement their deck. Each Pack will contain approximately 2 copies of various cards from any combination of PanZ/FanZ sets. Players can swap any any cards from the Starter for cards from their Expansion Pack.

Note: Players can only edit their decks with cards from the expansion pack!

The next phase will now begin! Each player will receive the names of their next two opponents. Everyone will have two weeks to complete both matches. Each win during this phase will be worth 4 points.

When rounds 3-4 have finished, I will dish out another Expansion Pack. Players can then swap cards from their Starter Deck and both Expansions to build as best a deck as they can.

The final rounds of Swiss will be against 2 new opponents. Again, players will know their opponents names so they can play the two games whenever is convenient. Each win during this phase is worth 5 points.

After his phase, we will cut to top. Decks can no longer be modified at this time. Whatever combinations of cards you used in Phase 3, you must use in Top Cut!

Top Cut

The number of players in top cut will be totally dependent upon the number of players in Swiss. Once the cut is established, a single-elimination bracket will be established for players to battle it out for the top spot.

Don’t forget to fill out the entry form to officially enter the tournament. Dates for the tournament will be set in stone soon!

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