Phase 1: Rounds 1-2

The time has come! In this post you’ll find:

  • Your assigned deck
  • Your opponent for Phase 1, which includes two matches to be played in any order based on convenience
  • How to find the Starter Decks in OCTGN
  • Expansion Packs

Who Did You Pull?

I did my best to cater to the decks that people wanted to play. I hope you’re satisfied with your deck. Part of me wishes I could swap some of the MP & Mastery combinations, but I think these pairings will give players a good feel for the new Masteries and MPs.


Alex Stewart Black Manipulative Yajirobe
Azarith Stryffe Saiyan Enhanced Bardock
Ben McNutt Namekian Imposing Gohan
Brandon Biggers Blue Mimicry Buu
Casey Hansman Namekian Imposing Gohan
Chris Kreitzman Red Commanding Gotenks
Dan Dagron Saiyan Enhanced Bardock
Devin Fuller Saiyan Enhanced Bardock
Frank DeLuca Black Manipulative Yajirobe
Hunter Lutz Blue Mimicry Buu
Joey Conagher Namekian Imposing Gohan
Justin Santana Orange Energetic Vegito
Katelyn Gigante Orange Energetic Vegito
Kelly Dennis Orange Energetic Vegito
Kevin Carignan Red Commanding Gotenks
Kevin Dennis Red Commanding Gotenks
Marc Bolger Blue Mimicry Buu
Mason knox Red Commanding Gotenks
Miguel Gonzalez Orange Energetic Vegito
Nathan Bartel Blue Mimicry Buu
Pete Blake Namekian Imposing Gohan
Trevor Cox Namekian Imposing Gohan
Trey Beasley Saiyan Enhanced Bardock

Phase 1 Pairings

Lots of text here, but just find your name (sorted alphabetically by first name). Each win in this phase is worth 3 points. I will do my best not to repeat opponents in the next phase. Each of you will select a themed Expansion Pack to modify your deck before Phase 2.

Name: Opponents:
Alex Stewart Azarith Stryffe Ben McNutt
Azarith Stryffe Alex Stewart Kelly Dennis
Ben McNutt Alex Stewart Chris Kreitzman
Brandon Biggers Casey Hansman Frank DeLuca
Casey Hansman Brandon Biggers Mason Knox
Chris Kreitzman Ben McNutt Trey Beasely
Dan Dagron Kevin Dennis Justin Santana
Devin Fuller Joey Conagher Katelyn Gigante
Frank DeLuca Brandon Biggers Justin Santana
Hunter Lutz Kevin Carignan Katelyn Gigante
Joey Conagher Devin Fuller Miguel Gonzalez
Justin Santana Frank DeLuca Dan Dagron
Katelyn Gigante Hunter Lutz Devin Fuller
Kelly Dennis Azarith Stryffe Trevor Cox
Kevin Carignan Hunter Lutz Marc Bolger
Kevin Dennis Dan Dagron Nathan Bartel
Marc Bolger Trevor Cox Kevin Carignan
Mason knox Casey Hansman Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez Joey Conagher Mason Knox
Nathan Bartel Kevin Dennis Pete Blake
Pete Blake Trey Beasely Nathan Bartel
Trevor Cox Kelly Dennis Marc Bolger
Trey Beasley Chris Kreitzman Pete Blake

How to Find Your Deck

  1. Open OCTGN.
  2. Go to Deck Editor. Select “Load…”.
  3. Go to the main OCTGN folder.
  4. Open “GameDatabase”.
  5. Select the DBZ folder (updated 9/14/19).
  6. Open the “decks” folder from this location.
  7. Open your assigned deck and save it to your main “Decks” folder for easier access.

Expansion Packs

After playing a couple of matches with your deck you may notice some ways in which you’d like to improve it. While on your own time you can take the shells I’ve created and fine-tune them to your desire. For this tournament you will be limited to the cards you can add. After Phase 1, you will select one of the following Expansion Packs. You will then be allowed to swap any cards from your pack into your deck. The contents of the packs will be classified. You will receive an e-mail or Facebook message with the contents of your pack.

Possible Packs

  • Dragon Ball Expansion Pack
  • Planned Control Expansion Pack
  • Consistency Expansion Pack
  • Styled Boon Expansion Pack
  • Freestyle Value Expansion Pack

Let the Games Begin!

I’d prefer to wait until Joey’s post before beginning matches, but whenever either of your opponents is ready, you may begin playing! I really hope you enjoy this format, and I sincerely hope the balancing of the starter decks is fair and leads to exciting play. Far more time could have been spent balancing the decks but, without a lot of previews early on, there just wasn’t time.


Kevin Dennis T.O.P Report

Lord Slug T.O.P. Report

Set 13 Masteries: A Unifying Theory


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