Saiyan Dynamic Trunks Overview

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We’ve had several spoilers for the upcoming FanZ Set 14 release–Showdown! Some of these cards will be finding space in this deck for the upcoming meta, so let’s dive in and take a peak at these previously released cards.

Saiyan Distortion Drill


Ryan gave us this spoiler on his blog. It’s a perfect addition to this deck. I state below how the deck can bounce back up to level 2 fairly easily in most match-ups if dropped, but this drill also allows the user the ability to stay on 2 more consistently. Plus, Trunks can now completely control when he levels to 3–I can see myself allowing Trunks to sit around 4 or 5 anger. Powering up to Mr. Defiant can be a game-ending swing in combat, so this drill really gives the deck additional value. The high endurance also gives the flexibility of adding a second copy as well.

More importantly, the drill gives Trunks the increased ability of controlling the opponent’s anger. While at level 2, Trunks’ ability to constantly crit was a great tool against anger decks. This drill allows those crits to either double-down on anger or control the board through ally destroying and ball capturing. All-in-all it’s a must include.

Knee Clash


Trunks can benefit from this card, so should he? This version of the deck is already low on blocks–limited to Time, x3 Saiyan Sword Dodge and x3 Saiyan Crouch. However, Knee Clash could earn itself a slot or two with it’s omni-block versatility and it’s anger hate.

The List

Link to the full list–Saiyan Dynamic Trunks



Dynamic Mastery doesn’t see a lot of competitive play, but I found that for this deck the consistency of being on level 2 for as much of the game as possible was too advantageous to try any other Saiyan Mastery.

Saiyan Dynamic Mastery

Life Deck

I will divide this deck a little differently than usual. Instead of the typical Attacks, Blocks, Events, and Planning Cards I will be organizing the list into packages to highlight how this really works. Because of this kind of organization, some of the cards may be repeated in different categories. First, though, here are some generic deck stats:

  • Attacks: 33 (3 of which are Energy Attacks and 3 of which are Setup Physical Attacks)
  • Blocks: 7 (3 Physical, 3 Energy, and Time)
  • Drills: 6
  • Setups: 9 (3 of which have already been mentioned)
  • Events: 11 (not including Time)
  • Endurance Total: 37
  • Endurance Cards: 22
  • FanZ Cards Excluding Multiples: 5

Sword Package and Named Cards

Trunks as an MP as always synergized well with his named cards. The Awakening stack, specifically level 2, really have taken that synergy to another level.

3–Trunks’ Knee Bash
3–Trunks’ Sword Slash
3–Dashing Sword Attack
3–Devilish Sword Strike
2–Aggressive Sword Drill
1–Saiyan Swift Sword Drill
3–Saiyan Slap
3–Saiyan Sword Strike
3–Saiyan Sword Skill
3–Saiyan Sword Dodge
3–Saiyan Flight

While at level 2, playing any of the above named cards will also proc a critical damage effect. These crits can even spark during the Planning Step thanks to Saiyan Flight. Out of combat crits can really turn the tide against a ball deck or ruin the tempo of an anger or ally deck.

Drill Package

2–Aggressive Sword Drill
1–Saiyan Swift Sword Drill
1–Saiyan Transformation Drill
1–Saiyan Showdown Drill
1–Saiyan Protection Drill
3–Saiyan Tandem Strike
3–Saiyan Turning Kick
1–Heroic Plan

These drills have several benefits for the deck. They both add and reduce damage. Aggressive Sword Drill and Saiyan Swift Sword Drill can add to the deck’s action economy.

Tandem Strike and Turning Kick allow for more versatile ways of getting these powerful drills onto the field in combat–which is so critical. This deck wants to be in combat early and often.

Menace Package

3–Saiyan Menace
3–Saiyan Burst
1–Saiyan Rescue
1–Saiyan Transformation Drill
1–Heroic Plan
3–Saiyan Flight

Menace primarily adds to the action economy of the deck. Extra actions can lead to Saiyan Sword Strike pushing through for unstoppable, unpreventable damage. With several ways of rejuvenating key cards, Menace is a great addition to this deck to push stage damage and punish ally builds.

Control Package

3–Trunks’ Knee Bash
2–Saiyan Peace
3–Heroic Energy Sphere
1–Overwhelming Power
1–Heroic Plan
1–Saiyan Transformation Drill

This deck allows for so much versatility. It crits, it has board control, it can hamper speed anger decks with Peace, and can sling out damage with some of the best stage-beats combinations.

I’ll be producing my first ever YouTube video for this deck as soon as possible. If the content is received well, then I plan on doing much more content in the future. If you want to support my content for the purposes of seeing more of it or buying me coffee, then you can use the following link to donate to my PayPal.


^Emmy Rossum as Bulma remasterd by Artemis_aka_Diane

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