The Magic Song


  • Bolsters existing archetypes 🗹
  • Empowers less-consistent decks 🗹
  • Life card damage 🗹

Bibidi brings some great value to the Majin MPs. Likely, this card will mostly see in play in Blue with Tag Babidi and Mimicry Buu. Adding +2 life card damage to any Buu deck’s attacks can be pivotal to advancing the damage curve. Resolute, Mimicry, and Protective Buu are all viable decks, and with Blue’s ability to keep allies around, this card is a perfect addition.

To move beyond some of the obvious uses for this deck, let’s examine some new possibilities for Babidi with his sweet, sweet father to accompany him.


Babidi players know that it’s pretty easy to slime up to level 2 and camp with a Majin army prepared to soak up attacks, provide utility, and deal a little bit of damage of their own. Bibidi will give his son’s mill-mid-range builds a chance to swing a little harder as well–7 life card Sinister Choke, 5 life card Energized Strike, 7 life card Overpowering Attack, to name a few options.

Babidi, Unleashed

Besides retooling Blue Babidi, I am also excited to explore some builds in Black and Orange which may just utilize Unleashed.

In an Adaptive Build, the life card damage capabilities could stack up very quickly with Daddy Bi out to give every attack a solid +3. An eventual Burning Aura Drill yields +5. With plenty of allies to soak up physicals and some mill to burn passed blocks, the deck seems like a fun alternative to some more regularly-played MPs. Of course, Energetic Mastery could lead to a dual-threat Babidi deck as he slimes anger and deals some potent damage.

On the other hand, Babidi has always seemed like he belongs in Black. However, OPA limited to 1 per deck and the fact that allies tend to get banished, have led players to continually slot the wizard in the safer Blue style. While Bibidi doesn’t offer ally protection or even increased ally tutoring, he does allow a Black Babidi player some more utility in damage output.

So, what do you think? How will utilize the wizard who got the Majin ball rolling?


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