Blue Dismissal: FanZ Preview

Blue Dismissal is a perfect addition to this fan-continued TCG. It does exactly what a card should do in this stage of the game’s life cycle:

► Bolsters several archetypes which need the boost
Blue Mimicry decks
Blue Majin anger

Assists multiple MPs
• Majin Buu, Mostly ✔
• Babidi, Dabs, Vegeta ✔

► Previews the future of the game

Blue Mimicry Decks

Blue Mimicry decks have the ability to deal an impressive amount of unendurable, unblockable attacks. To keep up with other strong masteries, Mimicry has the play mill 2 cards after a successful copied attack to draw an additional card. Sure, the player can try to recoup several of these cards with the shuffle mechanic, but Blue Dismissal, when destroyed, will immediately rejuvenate the card. Buu players will be used to rejuvenating, and other MPs will be glad to see their life deck not drop too low from their own offensive strategy.

Now, if you know me, you know I like ball decks. Supreme Kai’s ability to shuffle his deck every turn made him an ideal choice to play ball. Mimicry cards like this which keep cards in the life deck will to a new opening for Blue ball decks.

Blue Dismissal adds to impressive suite of Blue blocks that fit the “copy” archetype for Mimicry Mastery. The downside, as many on Retro have pointed out, these blocks do not have Endurance. At first blush, that means the deck is a little thinner. However, not having Endurance on these blocks keeps them in the discard pile or life deck: which is exactly what Mimicry decks want.

Majin Anger

What card does every Red anger deck have? Red freaking Blocking Hand. A simple, no endurance, 2 anger physical block. Blue Dismissal will be as ubiquitous as Blocking Hand in the next era of angry Blue Majin decks.

Most decks with Majin MPs want to level up. With Unleashed being reigned in, these MPs will want cards with avenues to their higher levels. Selecting a deck’s blocks is such a crucial part of deck construction. Blue Dismissal gives several builds access to a simple and effective tool.

MP Boosts


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