Pact of the Arknight: 5e Compatible Warlock Subclass

Welcome back to Collision Point.

Today I’d like to show you my first iteration of bringing the world of Flesh and Blood to the table top in a different way with Dungeon and Dragons 5th-edition-compatible creations.

Many of the heroes in Flesh and Blood already have clear similarities to existing archetypes in D&D. However, some will need various levels of customization to really take shape.

For now, I present you with the Pact of the Arknight, a custom-made Warlock subclass that I think could really pack some punch.

Similarly to Viserai, this subclass focuses on creating and utilizing Runechants. Here’s how I established the powerful token for D&D:

As a cantrip, this warlock can access this feature freely without burning precious spell slots. These transitory runes can be used to light an area in a pinch, deal necrotic damage automatically when attacking, and increase in number and power as you level up.

Primarily, an Arknight would use their Bonus Action to create runes. Then, they could use their action to cast a spell, saving their runes for the next turn. Building up a pile of runes could be an effective strategy depending on the conditions of the battlefield. Various other features can help create runes as a reaction, as a result of attacking, or from dealing critical damage.

Having the power of the runes scale with the character make this archetype lethal from level 1—essentially giving a level 1 character a +1 to their weapon’s damage which is like increasing their ability modifier or giving them a magic weapon.

Even greater still, the weapon does not have to hit to implement the rune’s damage, they simply damage the opponent when its controller attacks with a weapon.

It is also worth noting that this is the first iteration of this design. I have several powerful effects that I’m currently withholding to see how it initially tests.

Let me know what you think!

Donate any amount and I’ll add this subclass to for you!


6 thoughts on “Pact of the Arknight: 5e Compatible Warlock Subclass

  1. A couple notes, the formatting of the warlock class means you should really call the subclass the Arknight Patron rather than Pact of the Arknight. Also you may want to consider giving them medium armor proficiency at least so they’re more survivable in melee. Other than that you did a great job evoking the flavor of Viserai and the Runechant mechanic looks fun to play. Cheers!


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