The Heroes of Tales of Aria, a Prediction

After seeing Lexi’s elemental majesty, every Flesh and Blood player is wondering who the other two heroes will be. Well, I think we can make a pretty educated prediction based off of Product Release page for Tales of Aria.

Allow me to explain.

Click above for the video version!

After going through a lot of the lore, I have grown to appreciate the craftsmanship of Legend Story Studios. Their ability to not only create a remarkable trading card game engine, but also an engaging fictional world to place it in, is worth of our admiration.

Their worldbuilding even spills over into simple product pages like the one mentioned above. On it, we have three sentences of beautiful flavor text. Each sentence, I believe, previews one of our three new heroes.

Let’s start with our known knowns before we get to our known unknowns.

Lexi, Livewire seems to fit our first sentence: The protectors of Isenloft awaken from their endless winter slumber. Lexi’s ability to wield ice and lightning position her to be this protector. As we learned from my lore of Aria post, the warded borders of Aria are breaking down, threatening those within. The description of this hero as a “protector” would also seem to be associated with the Defender craft from the Aria lore article. I also speculated that Lexi was a wayfarer as well, and I still hold to that; though, I’m not sure how that will affect her mechanically, if at all.

We’ll explore more about Bravo’s lore another day, but he seems to be woven into this storyline as well. Briefly, he performs in the Everfest Carnival, chases down horrors, and vows to protect his homeland. It is also worth our time to take note of the Guardian helmet from Welcome to Rathe, Helm of Isen’s Peak.

Isen, Isenloft, Isen’s Peak—I think you get the connection.

We can see the frigid environment in the background of the card art adding confirmation to this point on our map. Many have, of course, noted copied border of Lexi and Bravo. We should be able to deduce from here, then, that both of them originate from the same location. Even Weave Lightning has a similar enough border to denote the location of Aria.

Our next sentence gives us a little bit more of a mystery to solve for insights into our next hero: The wardens of Candlehold sharpen their thorns within the blossoming undergrowth.

Candelhold appears to be the nature domain of Aria infused with the power of the Flow. The hero from this land will surely wield the element of earth and perhaps water as well. But what kind of class will it be?

If I can speculate freely for a moment, the lore article gave us six “crafts” that some of the people of Aria possess. Earlier, I assigned two of them to Lexi—Defender and Wayfarer. Let’s assign two more of the six to the Candelhold hero as well.

Based on the nature symbolism, I believe Shaman is an easy fit here. And while I’m tempted to slide Braumeister in here, I’m going to commit the Diviner craft to this hero as well.

Therefore, I predict the second class to be a nature-based Elemental Illusionist. A Shaman-Diviner would have an intimate relationship with the Flow, allowing them to conjure powerful magic at a moment’s notice. If I’m correct, then I’m very interested to see how the “sharpen their thorns” clause fits in mechanically. Surely, it must have to do with the earth elemental’s token card’s ability.

Lastly, we’re off to Volthaven.

The prophets of Volthaven set their sights on a future painted by great aurora.” In Volthaven we see more lightning. I’m assuming we will also see the element of air here as well. Representing these sky people will be a hero who embodies the final two crafts: Dreamers and Braumeisters.

Am I sure of this? Definitely not. Especially the Braumeister part. However, I will include it now for my hypothesis to have the most syntheticity.

Let’s also assume for now that Braumeisters will plan on utilizing potions, which, of course, a new Elemental Wizard hero would love to employ.

Personally, I would love to see this new Wizard heavily flavored as a Bard. And while I don’t feel without hope in receiving a brand new Bard class entirely, I’m currently leaning in a new mold to give support to Kano while also offering an additional squishy magic-user option.

This dreamer, or prophet, should bring some exciting new mechanics to the game. Accessing hand knowledge of the opponent, opting the opposing deck, removing cards from the opponent’s deck, and or tutoring one’s own cards could all be possibilities for this character.

Contemplating this far only got us through three of the six locations that have been so beautifully illustrated and shown to us. Could we see additional young heroes in this set from these locations? I certainly hope so, but what do you think?

In conclusion, I predict that we will receive a new Illusionist hero who will have shaman imagery and be powered by earth and possibly the element of water as well. We will also obtain a new Wizard or Bard hero who will wield the elements of air and lightning as well as the power of prophecy to defeat the threats to Aria.

More spoilers will be unveiled tomorrow. I, for one, cannot wait to crack some Tales of Aria packs in Vegas. I’ll be sure to share any new treasures I discover in this space, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Tales of Aria Heroes Prediction


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