Vegas Spoils: Live Calling Blog

Hello everyone! I will be live blogging here during the Las Vegas Calling event. I will also be posting here everything that I’ll be selling from the event itself. If you want early access to Tales of Aria cards, check out my pulls below.

Cold Foil Legendary Rampart of the Ram’s Head, $1500 obo


World Aria Premiere Sealed Playmat,
$200 free CONUS Shipping

The Calling Exclusive Nourishing Emptiness Playmat,
$250 free CONUS Shipping

Rainbow Foil “The Librarian” Mentor Promo,
$100 free CONUS shipping

CF Amulet of Ice Promo. $50

Sealed Event

I’m playing as Lexi. I had some decent pulls for 6 packs. I’ll post the list later, but it is a mix of ranger, elemental, lightning, and ice.

Round 1: Lexi mirror. He went first and simply arsenalled on his turn. That was crucial. He had an Arsenal every turn while I always went through my hand. I tried to kill him with a dominate attack, but he pulled through (I needed him to only have a 2 block, he had a 3). He came back at me with dominate for the game.


Round 2: Lexi mirror. Again. I won the roll and went first—taking the lesson from the round 1 loss. I did a hefty 9 damage on my first turn and kept the pressure up the rest of the game. Got em with dominate.


Round 3: Briar. This match was tough. Arcane damage, big earth attacks, and occasional go again meant Briar could deal more damage per card than I could, typically. I was down to 1 HP after only needing to block with 2 cards instead of 3. With the extra resources, I sent a dominated attack for 8 for the win.


Round 4: Briar. Great game. Came down to one health all. Just needed one turn without blocking to seal a dominated attack for the W. Arcane damage and big earth are great in sealed. I had a gross misplay where I could have stopped two damage with Runaways, but didn’t see it at the time.


Round 5: Oldhim: Finally, a match against the big man! I got out to an early lead. I kept up the pressure by going wide or dominating when necessary. He did get 11 seismic surge tokens at one point for a free glacial footsteps, but I pulled out the W.


Round 6: Lexi, again. He went first this time—key to the Lexi sealed game, for sure. He had an Arsenal all game, I did not, mostly. He got out to an early lead, but I struggled back with more frostbites on him and 2 Red Rejuvenates, but he ended up taking the game with a huge final turn of two attacks, the second one for 8 with dominate for the win.


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