Box Opening Videos: Flesh and Bloodbrothers

I am happy to announce the launch of a YouTube endeavor that my brother and I will be contributing to: Flesh and Bloodbrothers is live on YouTube featuring Flesh and Blood content. Currently, we have multiple box openings featuring boxes from every set besides Crucible of War.

My brother has had great luck cracking packs on camera. He’s pulled plenty of legendaries and even a Fabled—the Eye of Ophidia from Arcane Rising post the out-of-print (OOP) announcement.

In this video—my first on camera for the channel—I cracked a box of Welcome to Rathe that I bought with some foil and promo trade-ins. Unfortunately, I was not harboring The Flow: no Enlightened Strikes, Legendaries, nor fabled cards.

My brother and I have been playing card and tabletop games of all kinds ever since we were little. We dabbled in Magic: the Gathering, Score’s Dragon Ball Z, Legend of the Five Rings, Panini’s Dragonball Z, FFG’s Legend of the Five Rings, Mage Knights, Dungeon & Dragons, and much more.

I will still be producing content here at Collision Point, but I look forward to adding plenty of content to Flesh and Bloodbrothers as well.


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