(Speculation) New Young Heroes in Everfest, Possible Confirmation

Hidden Spider-Man for attention.

After my previous post about Everfest, I had some pushback about whether or not there would even be new heroes in the set. Many probably assumed that I was arguing for new adult heroes, but I think I made it clear that I meant young—similar to Crucible of War, of course.

Now, dear readers, we have what I consider to be absolute proof that we will see some new heroes in the Everfest supplemental set. In the recap article on the official Flesh and Blood Web site from the final week of Skirmish Season 3, we get this delightful little sentence:

The season’s environment was broad, bloody and beautiful and whenever the next Blitz battle takes place, there are many young heroes looking to equip themselves and… step right up!


Besides the absence of an Oxford comma, I love this sentence. Why? You might be asking. Well, look again at that final clause after the ellipses: “Step right up!”

Where have we seen those words before? Oh, yeah, the introductory article to the Everfest set.

The Heroes

For those with their ears to the ground of FAB-world, I don’t think this is necessarily news, but it’s always good to have confirmation of what we are hoping for. Continuing to add additional Young Heroes allows LSS to test out unexplored areas in their design space and gives players fresh faces to pilot in between the major constructed and limited format play seasons.

The below video from DM Armada highlights some new classes that he thinks we may see in Everfest, namely, Bard, Seer, Alchemist, Necromancer, and Pirate.

In Crucible of War, we received two brand new classes of heroes in Merchant and Shapeshifter and four new Young Heroes in classes that we already had (Ninja, Warrior, Brute, and Mechanologist). LSS has no obligation to continue that pattern, but assuming they would, here’s my assumption based partially on my previous post as well.

  1. New Class, Druid (possibly Shaman instead) with the Elemental Talent and Essence of Earth.
  2. New Class, Braumeister (possibly as an Alchemist or Monk instead, a la World of Warcraft).
  3. Repeat Class, Wizard with the Elemental Talent and Essence of Earth, Ice, and Lightning.
  4. Repeat Class, Illusionist.
  5. Repeat Class, Merchant.
  6. Repeat Class, Brute (my hope is for a bearded woman).

The Case for Necromancer

I think we would all like to see the Necromancer fully fleshed out in a non-supplemental set, but there is a lot of lore from Aria that supports the idea of Necromancer in a set associated with it.

First a note on what was easily the best piece of fan content about Flesh and Blood this year. Peranine on YouTube received permission to narrate the Official Welcome to Rathe Lore Book in the style of an audiobook. You definitely owe it to LSS to give it a listen:

Back to the Necromancer chances. In Aria, there are a number of folktales that are impacting the greater lore of the story and the game itself. The tale that could be foreshadowing a curator of the dead is The Otherworld.

The Otherworld

Legend states that the oldest tree in every forest has a door hidden beneath its roots, leading to another realm. Those who enter through this door are often lost to the passage of time, emerging years later with no memory of what they saw on the other side.

I believe it is possible that between The Otherworld, the portal-like nature of the Korshem tree, and the “Tides of Change” that Aria is undergoing that a puppeteer of corpses and cadavers could be one of the Everfest’s latest curiosities.

I do wonder how much the new threats to Aria will factor into the Everfest set. It could be a final respite of levity and fun before Rathe returns fully to war, or it could incorporate the threats which loom in the shadows.

More likely than seeing a Necromancer now would be seeing that new class mirrored against the premiere of the Cleric profession. As many have speculated, the Illusionist’s Spectral Shield is quite emblematic of how a Necromancer’s spawns might function. However, I believe the Necromancer will borrow some aspect of the Shadow talent by utilizing banish mechanics. Perhaps, they will be able to create skeleton or zombie tokens by banishing a number of cards from their graveyard. Then, instead of being able to attack with them repeatedly or being forced to block with them when taking damage, I think they could just have an instant effect to destroy themselves and either deal 2 damage to the opponent or prevent 2 damage from the opponent.

I would also expect them to have more powerful summons represented by cards in the deck.

Thanks for reading this far. Feel free to check out some of my other content below:


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