Collection of Golden Tickets to Indy From Other Creators

I’ll be at The Calling: Indy. Will you? Well, if you’re like me, then you’ve been hastily entering every Golden Ticket competition you can find to balance out your $80 entrance costs. Here’s a bunch of links to the competitions that I’ve found.

Let’s start with the ones from the YouTube stars of Rathe.

YouTube Competitions

DM Armada

Keep this busy man in the business of creating wonderful content for our community. He’s pairing the Golden Ticket giveaway with additional prizes to celebrate reaching 8,000 subscribers.

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Like the video.
  3. Subscibe.
  4. Share the video.
  5. Comment about whether or not you’re going to Indy, and, if you are, what you’re most excited about from the 2022 inagural Calling.

Arsenal Pass

Arsenal Pass does some incredible work for the community. If you’re not already following them, then do yourself a favor and subscribe on YouTube and or your favorite Podcatcher.

  1. Like and Subscribe.
  2. Comment with what you’re most excited about for The Calling: Indy!

Red Zone Rogue

Yes, Red Zone Rogue got a haircut a couple of weeks ago. Yes, you need to support this man’s content.

  1. Like and subscribe.
  2. Share his content.
  3. Comment about what Flesh and Blood means to you.

You can see my comment from my main YT account: Curating Humanism.


Sloopdoop come at you with a giveaway!

  1. Subscribe.
  2. Like.
  3. Comment with what FAB means to you.

Twitter Competitions

Instant Speed Podcast

  1. Follow the Twitter Account.
  2. Like the Tweet.
  3. Retweet it.
  4. And reply with the reason you should win the golden ticket using a title from a FAB card.

Tannon Grace

  1. Follow.
  2. Retweet.
  3. Hurry!

The Attack Action Podcast

  1. Like.
  2. Retweet.
  3. Comment with your answer to these questions: Which area in Rathe will we see in the next set? And what will the talent be?

Bryan Gottlieb

Bryan will be one of the commentators in Indy. He also wrote an article recently featuring a Mt. Heroic Starvo build.

  1. Follow Bryan
  2. Reply with who your favorite hero in Flesh and Blood is and why.

Craig Krempels

Craig may have already picked a winner, but check out the Tweet anyway. I missed his tweet, unfortunately.

  1. Give any amount to one of the following charities:
    2. Planned Parenthood
    3. Propublica

Drew Cordell

Drew has been all over the internet in the past few weeks. He has his Patreon up and running and he’s writing articles constantly for, Channel Fireball, and the Rathe Times.

  1. Use this link for his Gleam giveaway parameters.

TBD Competitions

Man Sant

Man Sant is new to me, but according to, he’ll have a Golden Ticket to giveaway, so subscribe now!

Hometown TCG

Hometown TCG will have an upcoming giveaway.

Amageddon with Rob and Tariq

Over on Channel Fireball, the Armageddon series with Rob and Tariq will have a giveaway opportunity.

Outcast’s Haven

Subscribe now to catch the giveaway in an upcoming video.

FAB With Freya

I haven’t found this contest yet either, but check out her amazing content!

Davis Kingsley

Davis from Tower Number Nine will have a Golden Ticket, but I haven’t found his competition yet.

Garbage Andy

Check out his YouTube and Subscribe!


The Card Guyz

Give them a like and subscribe!

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