Everfest Item Combos in Uprising

In interview after interview, James White (creator of Flesh and Blood and CEO of Legend Story Studios) has defended Everfest as a product. Specifically, he has said that the market will be ready to absorb Everfest Unlimited in 2023 and that people are sleeping on the items.

  1. Talisman of Cremation
  2. Talisman of Featherfoot
  3. Talisman of Recompense
  4. Amulet of Assertiveness
  5. Amulet of Echoes
  6. Amulet of Havencall
  7. Conclusion
  8. Support

Previously, I’ve leveraged some criticism towards the items while highlighting some aspects about them that I think will be great in the future of the game. Check out that article here or from the image below.

This article gives an overview of Everfest’s items in their contemporary meta while looking forward to future constructed metas and their value in the forthcoming Player vs. Environment format from Legend Story Studios.

With the founder’s promise in mind, several community members have been eyeing potential combos employing the amulets, potions, and talismans from the Everfest Carnival of Aria.

Talisman of Cremation

The first one that I picked up on was using Talisman of Cremation to counter Draconic opponents looking to keep critical cards in their graveyard to use throughout the game.

Talisman of Creation from Everfest.

Of course, not every hero can play a card from their banished zone to activate. To date, the following heroes could make great use of this Talisman:

  • Dorinthea
  • Katsu
  • Chane (who will be a Living Legend after the release of Uprising)
  • Viserai
  • Kano
  • Levia
  • Boltyn (via Helm of Sharp Eye)
  • Briar
  • Iyslander
  • Fai
  • Dromai
Talisman of Creation process gif by the artist Henrique Lindner.

Why It Matters

Draconic heroes are looking to benefit from crucial cards in their graveyard. The earliest card we saw with this functionality was spoiled on Day 5 of Isylander’s Journey.

Thaw from Uprising.

Thaw gave us the general functionality of the Draconic talent—utilize the graveyard to increase your action economy. Without the full cardpool available, it’s difficult to say how else Dromai and Fai will use cards from their graveyards.

Throughout the spoiler season so far, we’ve seen that both Draconic heroes from Uprising will be looking to go wide on the combat chain. A new keyword rupture grants the attacking hero an additional effect if the attack is the fourth or higher on the combat chain.

Both heroes will reach these extended attack chains, especially in limited formats, through the playable token card Phoenix Flame.

As long as you have at least 1 Draconic chain link before playing Phoenix Flame, this spark will attack for 1 with go again. We’ve seen how pesky attacks for 1 have proven helpful for heroes who can stretch out the combat chain and get to the low-life-total end game (see Katsu and his Kodachis and Prism and her Spectral Shields).

Like the phoenix of legend, this card can come back again and again during the game. So far, we’ve seen how Fai has built-in mechanisms for this tactic:

It’s easy to see how accessing Phoenix Flame will fuel Fai’s offensive gameplan (at least among several of his possible builds). A well-timed Talisman of Cremation can extinguish the rebellion before creating too big of a fire.

Talisman of Featherfoot

Talisman of Featherfoot from Everfest.
Talisman of Featherfoot from Everfest.

With Fai and Dromai looking to extend the combat chain as far as possible, they may be eying up this Talisman from Everfest.

Lunging Press from Crucible of War.
Lunging Press from Crucible of War.

For example, Fai could utilize Lunging Press with Featherfoot to give one of his Draconic attacks go again to reach deeper into the combat chain to enable a Rupture effect or further punish his opponent.

Talisman of Recompense

This talisman saw a little bit of play during the Everfest meta itself, but it is poised to have increased value for the Draconic heroes who are more reliant on their red cards than previous aggro characters.

Talisman of Recompense from Everfest.

Having extra resources from an all-red hand can enable some extra long combat chains—particularly when one of the Draconic heroes draws extra cards during their turn or banishes extra cards that they can access for the turn. And as it turns out, Fai is particularly good at both of those points.

Certainly a card like Tome of Firebrand will require extra resources beyond your initial four card hand. Options like Recompense, Energy Potion, or the Belittle/ Minnowism combo are all worth considering when building a Drconic deck.

Amulet of Assertiveness

Amulet of Assertiveness from Everfest.

Not only could the Amulet of Assertiveness give you access to a Talisman of Cremation combo, but the item will also help Draconic heroes get to their 4th chain link to enable their Rupture effects.

How Can You Enable This Effect?

Finding a way to unleash a Kodachi while still having 4 cards in hand is a challenge, but it can enable an incredibly wide turn if accomplished.

The easiest way to enable this amulet would be by using an attack from your arsenal with built-in go again. This should be easy enough for Ninjas, Rangers, and some Runeblades.

Ninjas run more attack action cards than the other two listed classes, but Rangers and Runeblades have additional ways to Opt to check for attacks on top of their deck to make the best use of this amulet.

Let’s look at this new card from Uprising that every Ninja will be able to play.

Double Strike from Uprising.

Luckily, all of the Amulets have the added benefit of being activated abilities. This means that they don’t activate until you want them to—unlike the Talismans. Waiting to pocket a card like Double Strike to activate your Amulet of Assertiveness can enable an incredibly powerful turn.

Fai will also have at least one new way to attack with go again from their arsenal without paying any resources.

Rising Resentment from Uprising.

Go again is a powerful ability. Rising Resentment can help Fai maintain his momentum by keeping his resource costs light by effectively playing a 1-cost attack for free in a subsequent chain link.

With or without help from Everfest’s items, Fai is looking to be a force to be reckoned with for some time to come.

Amulet of Echoes

Amulet of Echoes from Everfest.

Fai and Dromai, to a lesser extent, will be relying on specific combo pieces from their talent pool. Several cards, like Rising Resentment, could see every possible copy included in constructed decks (3 of each pitch value for Classic Constructed, 2 of each for Blitz).

Once again, Amulets are not replacement or automatic effects like the Talismans are, so you can time using this item for just the right opportunity to discard 2 cards from the opponent’s hand.

Amulet of Havencall

Hmm. No comment.


Frankly, James White is right again. Everfest’s items will be relevant moving forward in constructed Flesh and Blood. I certainly stand by my previous article, and I can’t wait to see how PvE incorporates these items.

Many of these items still have a costly price for adding them to your deck. They don’t block, and not all of them have built-in go again to continue your turn after playing an item—although, all of the items I’ve featured in this post do have go again.

Keep an eye on these beautiful trinkets from the Everfest Carnival. They may just be some great silver bullets into the no-Starvo, no-Chane Uprising meta.

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