The Dragon Has Three Heads: a Triple Threat of Dromai Content

Legend Story Studios has blessed its fans with one of the best games ever created and a near-endless stream of exciting news from its HQ in New Zealand. The two recent sets of Flesh and Blood, Uprising and Dynasty, brought a host of new characters into the game and some of Rathe’s best lore pieces. The Draconic Illusionist, Dromai, has a growing fanbase of dedicated players who want to make the most of her marvelous card pool. Recently, three content creators teamed up to celebrate the lovely Ash Artist — Peranine, Sloopdoop, and Flesh and Blood Brothers.

A Callobo-friendship is Born in San Jose

Del and Vera of Peranine, Wesley of Sloopdoop, and Brandon of Flesh and Bloodbrothers were roommates for the inaugural Flesh and Blood World Championship in San Jose, California. They shared pizza, wisdom, and strategy over a long weekend hanging out in the flesh and blood. The Peranine team produced a criminally under-watched documentary vlog of the event. If you haven’t watched it yet,

During their stint as roomies, they decided to collaborate on a series of videos about Dromai. Del took on the story of Dromai, Sloop showcased his $3000 build, and Brandon presented a blitz decklist that may or may not be using Snapdragon Scalers.

As the other half of the Flesh and Bloodbrothers duo, I thought I’d put all these videos in one place for your viewing pleasure — enjoy!

Who is Dromai?

Del does a beautiful job placing Dromai into the storyline of the heroes of Rathe. If you’re new to following the game’s lore, check out his other videos where he narrates the tales with his unique voice. Get the details on Dromai’s parents and the history of her relationship with Fai.

My favorite part is when Del describes the thematic play of Flesh and Blood’s heroes through the game’s mechanics— my favorite topic of discussion.

Falling in love with the Ash Artist is easy to do. She has a unique playstyle and stunning dragons to deploy. Uprising allowed players of all budgets ways of collecting her illusory beasts. They come in the typical rarities and Marvel rarities with extended art treatment.

Scales Go Bling

The Marvel rarity dragons come in cold foil in addition to having their gorgeous art spread from corner to corner.

The market for these dragons will fluctuate over time. Dromai is currently not on a fast track to reaching living legend status, but she has no shortage of fans that will continue iterating on builds to make her mainstay in the meta. Ultimately, I agree with Sloop on the investment prospects of the Marvel dragons from Uprising. Check out his $3000 deck below.

Those exquisite Canadian cold foils are sure to turn heads. For more tips on bringing Dromai to the table, let’s turn to our final contributor.

Red Dead Redemption

Dromai, like her dragons, loves to set fires just to watch them burn. Brandon’s all-red list is sure to heat up the blitz metagame.

The deck includes some of the best hits for Dromai, and with all red cards, she generates plenty of ash while utilizing the Flamescale Furnace whenever she needs a little boost.

You can see this list in action against an old Boltyn Axe blitz list I came up with earlier this year.

Like Del, I enjoy diving into the lore that LSS is creating alongside the Flesh and Blood card game. I want to share one more video with you — part 1 of a series covering Dromai’s dragons in great detail.

Final Thoughts

Dromai is an exciting hero to explore. DM Armada recently took an aggressive build all the way to the finals in the first Goliath Gauntlet and various builds have been blazing into the top 8s of tournaments worldwide. Keep your eye on this one-of-a-kind hero, and don’t be surprised to find this masterful tactician across the table from you at your armory.

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