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Everfest Item Combos in Uprising

The future of Everfest’s items has been prophesied by the creator to be bright and vital to the future of constructed Flesh and Blood. This post examines some of the combos that I’ve noticed from some of the Talismans and Amulets from Everfest.

Must-Have Commoner Cards: Generics

As Commoner grows into a popular format of Flesh and Blood, it’s important to maintain a nice stable of must-have cards for your decks. In this article, I highlight some must-have generics for the Commoner Format.

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly of Everfest’s Items

Everfest, 1st Edition, released on February 4th, 2022. The supplementary set, now called an expansion set, brought some powerful new pieces to the Flesh and Blood card pool. Legend Story Studios introduced a “carnival slot” to the set’s pack structure as part of the release. In this slot was a generic card that represented the Everfest Carnival in the land of Aria. Included in that carnival slot was an intriguing suite of items in the form of amulets, potions, and Talismans. In this article, I want to examine the good, the bad, and the ugly of the items from Everfest.…

My 3 Wishes for FAB’s Future

With the revelation of FAB 2.0, I share my thoughts on 3 more things I’d love to see from Legend Story Studios. Of course, my 2nd and 3rd wish are already on their way, but a man can wish.

Collision Response: TC Stream 3/29/22

In this article, I respond to some of Zach and Steven’s topics from Team Covenant discussed during their Tuesday, March 29th Flesh and Blood Stream. First, I discuss some of the upsides to the forthcoming Classic Battles boxes from LSS, then I go into three topics from the stream: 1. The Warrior Class’s Viability in the Current Classic Constructed Meta. 2. The Brute Class’s Viability in the Current Classic Constructed Meta. 3. Possible Redesigns for the Blitz Format.

FAB Math³ Bravo, Star of the Show

Welcome to the Everfest, have a look around. Anything that LSS has, our MC he has found. We’ve got mountains and voltage and Frigidy shores. If you haven’t been high-rolled, you’d be the first. Welcome to the Everfest, come enjoy the show. Would you like to see some acrobats or the firebreathing girl? There’s no need to worry, you will need your best. Just nod your head along, and he’ll do the rest.

FAB Math³ OG Bravo, Showstopper

This is the initial post in a series on the math behind each hero in Flesh and Blood. In this article, I review basic card evaluation in FAB and see how Bravo, Showstopper utilizes his ability and card pool to optimize his game plan.

FAB Comparisons: Dragon Ball Z CCGs

As the one-time world champion of the unofficial fan-continuation of a Dragon Ball Z card game, I wanted to take the time to compare my new love, Flesh and Blood, to my previous main game: Panini’s Dragon Ball Z CCG and it’s unofficial continuation FanZ.

Wayfarer of Aria: 5e Compatible Ranger Archetype

Image and PDF updated 12/10/2021. I am excited to bring you another 5e-compatible custom subclass based on the world of Flesh and Blood. This design is powerful and more straightforward than the Pact of the Arknight for Viserai lovers. I am offering this Ranger Archetype: Wayfarers of Aria as a pay-what-you-want download below. My goal is to bring as many of the heroes of Rathe to life in Dungeons and Dragons as well as some adventure settings. So, if that’s something you’d be interested in, let me know and donate what you can through PayPal here or below. To understand…

Speculating About the Heroes and Rarities of Everfest and Beyond

As the second supplemental set, the FAB community is thrilled for the upcoming Everfest release. The first supplemental set, Crucible of War, injected powerful cards for the available heroes into the meta. The latter is now, sadly, out of print. One of the surprising things that CRU brought us were some unique Young heroes: While Ira was already in circulation from the learn-to-play demo decks, her appearance in Crucible of War also brought her a crucial specialization card: Whirling Mist Blossom; these six Young heroes boasted full titles as well, indicating that we may not see their adult versions any…

Box Opening Videos: Flesh and Bloodbrothers

I am happy to announce the launch of a YouTube endeavor that my brother and I will be contributing to: Flesh and Bloodbrothers is live on YouTube featuring Flesh and Blood content. Currently, we have multiple box openings featuring boxes from every set besides Crucible of War. My brother has had great luck cracking packs on camera. He’s pulled plenty of legendaries and even a Fabled—the Eye of Ophidia from Arcane Rising post the out-of-print (OOP) announcement. In this video—my first on camera for the channel—I cracked a box of Welcome to Rathe that I bought with some foil and…

Vegas Spoils: Live Calling Blog

Hello everyone! I will be live blogging here during the Las Vegas Calling event. I will also be posting here everything that I’ll be selling from the event itself. If you want early access to Tales of Aria cards, check out my pulls below. Cold Foil Legendary Rampart of the Ram’s Head, $1500 obo Playmats: World Aria Premiere Sealed Playmat,$200 free CONUS Shipping The Calling Exclusive Nourishing Emptiness Playmat, $250 free CONUS Shipping Rainbow Foil “The Librarian” Mentor Promo,$100 free CONUS shipping CF Amulet of Ice Promo. $50 Sealed Event I’m playing as Lexi. I had some decent pulls for…

What Else to Expect in Tales of Aria

There have been so many fantastic pieces of content created around all of our Aria spoilers. We have even seen several tools created to serve the FaB community. I would like to highlight a couple of them: Fab Spoilers—the quickest way to see and read all of the spoiled cardsSpoiler Tracker—a Google Sheet to visualize the categories of the set begin filling up by card numberReddit Mega Thread—has links to the original spoiler to see or read their created content I did not create, nor do I own, the Google Sheet tracker. I did make a copy of it so…

5e NPC: Bravo, Showstopper

Bravo is one of my favorite heroes in Flesh and Blood. I’ve decided to make all of the heroes in Flesh and Blood into playable or interactive characters in D&D 5e. Some of the characters will require custom class or subclass creations, such as Viserai. Bravo as an NPC will be based off of a level 7 Battle Master Fighter. I have created some maneuvers based off of Guardian attacks and abilities. If you wanted to start a campaign as Bravo at a lower level, all you would need to do is have your DM agree to adopt some of…

The Heroes of Tales of Aria, a Prediction

After seeing Lexi’s elemental majesty, every Flesh and Blood player is wondering who the other two heroes will be. Well, I think we can make a pretty educated prediction based off of Product Release page for Tales of Aria. Allow me to explain. After going through a lot of the lore, I have grown to appreciate the craftsmanship of Legend Story Studios. Their ability to not only create a remarkable trading card game engine, but also an engaging fictional world to place it in, is worth of our admiration. Their worldbuilding even spills over into simple product pages like the…

Pact of the Arknight: 5e Compatible Warlock Subclass

Welcome back to Collision Point. Today I’d like to show you my first iteration of bringing the world of Flesh and Blood to the table top in a different way with Dungeon and Dragons 5th-edition-compatible creations. Many of the heroes in Flesh and Blood already have clear similarities to existing archetypes in D&D. However, some will need various levels of customization to really take shape. For now, I present you with the Pact of the Arknight, a custom-made Warlock subclass that I think could really pack some punch. Similarly to Viserai, this subclass focuses on creating and utilizing Runechants. Here’s…

Tales of Aria: Lore and Predictions

Welcome back to Collision Point. Today we’re going to be looking ahead to the new set of Flesh and Blood: Tales of Aria. So far we know we’re going to see three new heroes. The first one who has been spoiled is Lexi who will be our second ranger. Based on the lore, which we’ll check out here in a moment, I predict that we’ll also see an Illusionist hero and a Guardian hero. Another wizard or a brand new class like a bard are also good possibilities. Zach from Team Covenant has mentioned multiple times that he fully bought…

Three Draws at a Road to Nationals FAB Event

This post is also available on YouTube and as a podcast. Check them out! The popular saying, “I’d rather lose than tie,” never really rang true to me. But after my second Road to Nationals event where I sat through gruelingly long matches that ended in draws (when they never should have), I grew to understand those wise words. The event was at The Lotus Lookout in Illinois. The staff was incredibly accommodating; they gave out shop-made playmats with the entry, and even raffled off a cold foil Luminaris. It would be my third time to ever play Flesh and…