Bojack: First Impressions Feeling Blue

As Bojack enters the fray of competition many are speculating as to which Style will be best for the space pirate. While I do think that he will threaten tier 1 status with a few different Masteries, today I will be looking at a Blue build. Bojack's StrengthsReading through his MP stack, Bojack clearly has … Continue reading Bojack: First Impressions Feeling Blue


South Kai Report: Alex Stewart

Undefeated in Swiss: Blue Resourceful Villain Vegeta On Deck Selection I built this Resourceful Majin Vegeta deck a while ago because I wanted to play something in Blue Resourceful but everyone kept ending combat before I could get all of my setups off. I realized that MV level 2 solves that weakness of resourceful decks, … Continue reading South Kai Report: Alex Stewart

South Kai Report: Daniel Behee

-Details of this report are from Daniel's Facebook Tournament Report from South Kai (1-26-19). The List: Combative Trunks Planning Cards (23) 2 orange attraction drill 1 orange checkup drill 1 orange shopping drill 1 orange burning aura drill 1 orange steady drill 1 orange hiding drill 1 orange possession drill 1 orange empowerment drill 1 … Continue reading South Kai Report: Daniel Behee

The State of Our Supreme Lord and Savior: Frieza

Photo credit: Geokeeno on DeviantArt   There's no MP in this game which I have more pure fun piloting than Frieza. With a few tweaks to his stack from set 1, Frieza could have easily been relevant in every set of Pan/FanZ. Building a Frieza Deck Right now, I believe Frieza is underplayed. He is … Continue reading The State of Our Supreme Lord and Savior: Frieza