Super FanZ Preview: Prophetic Visons

Some powerful beings like to visit the past, the gods, though, they look into the future. Another great boon to the gods from the devs. Prophetic Visions allows for greater consistency in your god's strategy for FanZ domination. Last I checked, there are 5 playable god MPs. How do you think each one would use … Continue reading Super FanZ Preview: Prophetic Visons


FanZ: Super Spoiler—Blue Celebration

Has it been the longest preview season ever? Yes. So, I won't delay things any farther. Introducing, Blue Celebration. There's been a lot of chatter on Retro about Blue anger strategies—mainly as a pathway for MPPV. However, with the change to Unleashed, accessing your upper levels consistently will be key to several deck archetypes. If … Continue reading FanZ: Super Spoiler—Blue Celebration

Saiyan Dynamic Trunks Overview

YouTube video about the deck--Link. Update! 5/20/20 We've had several spoilers for the upcoming FanZ Set 14 release--Showdown! Some of these cards will be finding space in this deck for the upcoming meta, so let's dive in and take a peak at these previously released cards. Saiyan Distortion Drill Ryan gave us this spoiler on … Continue reading Saiyan Dynamic Trunks Overview