Triad 2: The End

  I'd like to give a huge congratulations to Brandon Biggers for becoming the Triad 2 champion! He remained undefeated for the longest time. Then, it the final rounds, some chinks began forming in his armor. He piloted his suite of decks to perfection and had just one deck remaining at the end of it … Continue reading Triad 2: The End


Triad 2: The Fallen Through 5 Rounds

Some things are counter factual about this image for Triad 2 purposes--for example, there were no Android 18  decks in the event. Cell is super eliminated from the event, though. Current Kill CountAs of February 1st, 7:00 AM Central time, 67 decks have been eliminated from Triad 2. Here's a breakdown of the defeated decks … Continue reading Triad 2: The Fallen Through 5 Rounds