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Flesh and Blood is a dynamic collectible trading card game from New Zealand’s Legend Story Studios. The game has created a universe populated by compelling characters, fantastic locations, and an ever-twisting plot.

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I love this game. I don’t plan on stopping my coverage anytime soon. I’ve traveled to some Callings and experienced the incredible world premiere of Tales of Aria in Las Vegas.

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Saying Farewell to Welcome to Rathe was an interesting time. I could only go to one event after some scheduling conflicts, and then the LGS I was at changed both the prize and event structure after the first round of play. Needless to say, they no longer carry Flesh and Blood in their store.

I also made a video covering WTR draft advice!

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Flesh and Bloodbrothers Videos

My brother and I are aspiring competitive players and have always enjoyed creating content about the things we love. Flesh and Blood has become a shared passion — thus, the Flesh and Bloodbrothers channel was born.

My brother takes you through the essential OTK Kano strategy.

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Learn to Play Flesh and Blood

James White designed this game to be enjoyed in community. Legend Story Studios continues to support and encourage local game stores and in-person competitive play. Besides showing up to your local store for a learn-to-play event or learning the ropes from locals, here are two ways to learn to play online for free.

Felt Table

I heard about Felt Table at my first big FAB event. After swinging Kodachis and dodging Teklo Pistol shots, my opponent mentioned that practices a lot on Felt Table. I had to learn more, and I’ve been using the platform weekly ever since to test new decks and quickly jam games.

Gameplay on Felttable.com.

The creator, and sole developer, continues to add incredible features. His multimedia learn-to-play feature is the greatest way to learn the game for free. If you support his Patreon, you also have access to play Sealed and Draft against his A.I. Additionally, Patreon support gives you access to more challenging A.I. opponents called Meta Bots that pilot top-tier decks in Classic Constructed and Blitz.


Talishar is a fan-made, browser-based online client to play Flesh and Blood against anyone in the world. Import your decklist from Fabdb.net or fabrary.net and enter a general or competitive queue. Thousands of matches are hosted on Talishar every week. Whether you’re brand new to FAB or a pro player, you’re sure to find a match to level up your game.

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