MXOLT 3 Tournament Report

  To see a full breakdown of the list I ran in the 3rd MetaX OCTGN League Tournament, go here: MXOLT 3 Deck Profile: Tommy (Andre) Mains. Round by Round 1: Kasey Bertsch--Female Titan, WIN, 1-0 Abusing Female Titan is a great deck concept. Fortunately, I was able to get Terry and Constantine out early and … Continue reading MXOLT 3 Tournament Report


MXOLT 3 Deck Profile: Tommy (Andre) Mains

Terry McGinnis will be leading my squad to glory in the upcoming Meta X OCTGN League Tournament (MXOLTIII). I really wanted to play this list last time (and its Constantine Special 6 precursor in the original MXOLT), but each time I opted from an amalgam of Joker/Harley. Previous versions of this deck lacked the draw … Continue reading MXOLT 3 Deck Profile: Tommy (Andre) Mains