The Dragon Has Three Heads: a Triple Threat of Dromai Content

Three FAB content creators collaborated to bring you an overview of Dromai's lore, a peak at a $3,000 bling deck, and presented a blitz deck tech of Rathe's favorite ash artist. I've put the videos from Peranine, Sloopdoop, and Flesh and Bloodbrothers all in one place to enjoy.

Saiyan Dynamic Trunks Overview

YouTube video about the deck--Link. Update! 5/20/20 We've had several spoilers for the upcoming FanZ Set 14 release--Showdown! Some of these cards will be finding space in this deck for the upcoming meta, so let's dive in and take a peak at these previously released cards. Saiyan Distortion Drill Ryan gave us this spoiler on … Continue reading Saiyan Dynamic Trunks Overview

Bama Prix Report: Tyler Steenmeijer Top 4 Blue Frieza

At The Collision Point Blog, Freiza is a personal favorite. I have lists for him in 3 Styles, and there's nothing more satisfying than playing a pseudo control deck only to drop a 20+ life Supernova to seal the game. At the most recent Qualifier (3-09-19 in Birmingham, Alabama), Tyler Steenmeijer brought Blue Protective Frieza … Continue reading Bama Prix Report: Tyler Steenmeijer Top 4 Blue Frieza