Kevin Dennis T.O.P Report

Kevin Dennis is an incredible player. He is vigorous in his preparation and keeps his hand on the pulse of the game's meta. He'll certainly be a repeat qualifier to the Tournament of Power for as long as he plays the game. While, of course, he would have wanted to win the top spot this … Continue reading Kevin Dennis T.O.P Report


Bama Prix Report: Tyler Steenmeijer Top 4 Blue Frieza

At The Collision Point Blog, Freiza is a personal favorite. I have lists for him in 3 Styles, and there's nothing more satisfying than playing a pseudo control deck only to drop a 20+ life Supernova to seal the game. At the most recent Qualifier (3-09-19 in Birmingham, Alabama), Tyler Steenmeijer brought Blue Protective Frieza … Continue reading Bama Prix Report: Tyler Steenmeijer Top 4 Blue Frieza

Kenosha Report: Frank DeLuca

Hello everyone, Frank DeLuca here; and this is my tournament report for this this February’s Dragon Prix in Kenosha, WI. After spending the last few months testing a multitude of decks, I began messaging other players for advice. I asked questions mainly about Knowledge Cell, Namekian Slug, and Ascension Piccolo. I knew I wanted to … Continue reading Kenosha Report: Frank DeLuca

Tournament Report: Diapers for John

Tournament from November 10th, 2018. After some last minute cancellations, we ended up with 11 players for the Diapers for John FanZ Tournament. We received a lot of prize support for this event, including Community Level Power Level, promos, and prizes donated by John himself to be auctioned off in exchange for diapers, wipes, and … Continue reading Tournament Report: Diapers for John