Data Tracking, the Beginning

I hope I can entice you all into helping me on this endeavor. Here’s some data I’ve collected over just the past couple of days.

pie chart for op3 v1

This pie chart shows the break down for Masteries selected between the following events:

  • Diapers for John (Community Power Level Event in STL)
  • Triad 2 (No Power Level OCTGN Tournament)
  • East Kai
  • South Kai’s top 8 (Only data I had)

Here is a bar graph depicting the Main Personality choices for the same events:

main personality op3 v1

If you have MP/Mastery combos from any other OP3 event, please let me know. If you’re a data guru and have data organizing tips, definitely let me know!

We have some data coming in from our Data Collector Form, here’s a taste of the kind of matches being reported:


Luckily, I don’t feel like bettering career this week, instead, I’m focusing on FanZ!



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