Triad 2: Strategies


As our players prepare to enter the fray, let’s ponder about strategy in this survival series known as the Triad 2. Each player has a team of three decks to work with. Some will enter with a team of similarly focused decks, say, three aggro builds. Others will bring a complimentary trio with alternative win conditions and themes. A few will choose to bring one or two top-tier proven decks with one ultra spicy rogue to surprise people with.


With many different approaches to play with, how will players choose which deck to use in Round 1? Should one start with their most proven and battle-tested build to get through the beginning cornucopic onslaught? Or, should one save what they believe to be their top deck until the very end when they are fighting for not just victory, but survival?

Every round will provide challenging decisions for the players. Perhaps the toughest will be after one loss. Which deck should one risk losing, leaving just one viable contender? These types of choices will make for an exciting tournament.

If I were playing, I would probably be tempted to play a deck with a lot flexibility in the early rounds. If I could survive a round or two without losing, then my chances of surviving until the final rounds goes up. I won’t say what kind of decks I see as flexible this late into the process. You all know your decks and play-styles best. I look forward to seeing you all on the tournament floor.




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