Triad 2: The Combatants


With one last-minute drop due to no longer having a PC, and one person never getting back to me, we have 28 players fit to do battle in the Triad 2. That scales out to 84 decks, with not too many repeats. Pictured above are three notable FanZ MPs who did not see any representation from our players this time around. There are some other surprising omissions, including the man of the hour: Broly.


I think Broly has been slept on for quite a while in our meta game. He’s as powerful as ever and is always a force to be reckoned with. Toward the end, I did try to convince a couple of consistent Broly players to join the tournament, but they were unable to. While Broly is out of contention for the Triad 2 title, there are plenty of other aggressive decks ready to tear apart unprepared assailants.

We are also missing Android 18 (hero and villain), King Kai, Nail (a personal favorite), Android 19, Tenshinhan, Cell Jr., Dr. Wheelo, Garlic Jr., Mercenary Tao, Captain Ginyu, and Turles.

Many of these omitted MPs have viable decks right now. Dr. Wheelo and Mercenary Tao, much like Vengeance Roshi lost a lot of luster with the changes to Black Absorption Drill. Broly, Goten, Captain Ginyu, Tenshinhan, and both versions of Android 18 are disappointing to me (Nail and Kid Trunks to a lesser extent). However, we have an outstanding roster, and I am excited to see who survives!

The Breakdown

As stated elsewhere, Villain Vegeta ranks as our most submitted Main Personality. He takes many of the slots which a Broly-type MP may have also taken, while at the same time bringing his own brand of punishment to the table. With 14 entries for the Prince of Saiyans, he far surpasses any other contender for most popular entrant (Goku and Cell each came in with 7 a piece).

We have 44 Villains and 40 Heroes ready for battle.

The Entrants

Note: Broken down by style, then by mastery, and then by number of entries.

Black (17)

Black Mischievous Mastery (17)

4–Villain Vegeta

3–Supreme Kai

2–Android 17, Buu, Cell

1–Android 16, Bardock, Chilled, Goku

Blue (12)

Blue Protective Mastery (4)

2–Future Gohan

1–Frieza, Supreme Kai

Blue Resolute Mastery (2)

1–Cooler, Krillin

Blue Resourceful Mastery (2)

1–Future Gohan, Villain Vegeta

Blue Tag Team Mastery (4)

1–Babidi, Cell, Gohan, Goku

Orange (12)

Orange Adept Mastery (5)


1–Android 13, Buu, Dabura

Orange Combative Mastery (7)

2–Android 20, Kami

1–Goku, Pikkon, Trunks

Red (20)

Red Amplified Mastery (4)


1–Buu, Yamcha

Red Ascension Mastery (8)

4–Mastery Roshi



Red Ruthless Mastery (8)

4–Villain Vegeta


1–Hercule, Frieza

Namekian (12)

Namekian Enlightened Mastery (2)

1–Gohan, Piccolo

Namekian Knowledge Mastery (5)



Namekian Radiant Mastery (5)

2–Kami, Lord Slug


Saiyan (11)

Saiyan Dynamic Mastery (4)

1–Goku, Raditz, Vegeta, Villain Vegeta

Saiyan Oppressive Mastery (1)


Saiyan Rampaging (6)

4–Villain Vegeta

1–Goku, Nappa

Data Processing

There is a ton of information we can mine out of this data. I am pretty happy with the wide range of representation seen in Triad 2. I was not surprised to see that there were no Conflict or Perceptive entrants. As brutal as Mischievous Mastery can be, it’s really the pinnacle of the Black Style right now. While I know, possibly better than most, that Conflict can produce some powerful decks, it is truly not a stretch to say that any of those decks converted to Mischievous certainly aren’t getting much, if at all, worse from the change.

We are also without Orange Adaptive Mastery, which still has some powerful decks with Android 20, Yamcha, and others. However, much like with Mischievous, Combative Mastery has a little bit more going for it and can provide a more consistent experience to many traditionally Adaptive decks.

It Begins

Good luck to all participants, may OCTGN work for you, and may you play to your best ability. Details with match-ups and how to report will be found in corresponding posts to the OCTGN page.

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