Set 12 Black Conflict Pikkon List

Finally! More support for Black Conflict Mastery–the Mastery which won the Tournament of Power, you, no doubt, remember.

The Preview! Black Grudge Drill


Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

We can immediately see the clear synergy with Conflict Mastery. You can discard this card from hand to place it into play and gain the effects of the Mastery for the Styled discard.

Dealing critical damage is a little easier with Conflict, and whenever you do, you can banish a selected card from your opponent’s discard pile. We all know that Devastating Blow is the card of forever, and discard pile hate has never been more important with multiple styles gaining Blue Decapitation like effects from the last preview from The Dead Zone.

Finally, the instant Power. When this drill is already in play and you activate your own Mastery, or someone uses Mischievous Mastery against you, you may then activate the Power to draw a card!

Black Conflict Mastery Deck Ideas

Drill Interaction


Goten–Anger package, recycles Black Grudge Drill and Black Learning Drill

Drillku–Unleashed/Kai-o-ken build

Master Roshi



Camp 1


Pikkon–Allies (blockers, puar, etc), Alien Trait supported cards, etc.

Yamcha–Could run allies or just control with a side of energy beats

Supreme Kai–Probably the best call, but…

New Tien

Hero Vegeta

Future Gohan

Utility With Some Leveling

Cooler–Has extra hand sculpting on levels 1 and 2 to promote “when discarded” effects engine.


Let’s Make a List–Black Conflict Pikkon

Attacks (19)

Between Trick Shot and Energized Strike we should have enough anti-anger to handle most anger decks–or at least slow them down while we remove all of their major anger cards. Overpowering Attack and Coordinated Efforts will allow us to get some allies out and equip them to be used every combat.

3 Pikkon’s Thunder Flash
3 Coordinated Efforts
2 Optic Blast
1 Overpowering Attack
2 Energized Strike
2 Crushing Beam
3 Black Capture
3 Black Trick Shot


Blocks & Events (18)

The Key here is Black Corruption. We want to discard that with Mastery as many times as possible to remove DBV as a win con and take pieces out of their deck.

1 Time is a Warrior’s Tool
2 Black Swipe
3 Black Corruption
3 Black Check
3 Pikkon’s Hyper Tornado

2 Confrontation
2 Black Scout Maneuver
1 Black Nightmare
1 Black Strength Display


Planning (23)

With our allies, we have some blockers, some pure utility (Oolong), and some attackers, particularly Yamcha–who we will hope to set up with Coordinated Efforts to keep his board control attack accessible. The drills will help us in so many ways. We can top deck cards with Malicious Intent in order to set up our draw with Black Grudge Drill.

1 Oolong
1 Android 18–Wife
1 Jimmy Firecracker
1 Olibu
1 Yamcha–Action Ready
1 Chaozu–Resurrected

2 Black Possessive Drill
3 Black Grudge Drill
1 Black Smoothness Drill
1 Black Erasing Drill
1 Deflection Drill
1 Android Efficiency Drill

2 Black Mist
2 Black Declaration
2 Black Power Up
2 Malicious Intent



With such a high board count, we want to establish our dominance of the board early and often. Ideally, we want to get some allies, drills, and set ups out before being caught up in too many combats.

Part of Pikkon’s game is discard pile control. We want to rejuvenate key cards from our pile while removing key cards from theirs–with effects from Black Check, Black Swipe,  Black Grudge Drill, and Black Strength Display. We will also use direct life card banishment to affect the opponent’s deck–Corruption, Malicious Intent, Black Capture, Black Scout Maneuver, and Pikkon’s Thunder Flash.

By the early mid-game we should have a good idea of what the opposing deck list and be able to prepare for the final turns of the game with Pikkon’s targeted rejuvenation. With an established board, anger hate, DBV manipulation, life deck, and discard pile banishment all on our side, we should be able to push enough damage to stay competitive.

So, what do you think of the list? How would you change it?

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