Triad 2: the Final Five Players

There are just five players remaining the the Triad 2 OCTGN tournament as we enter Round 9:

Brandon “Big-Time” Biggers

Marc “876-0” Bolger

Alex “The Resourceful” Stewart

Bryan “Speaks Real Austrenglish” Mardling

Dmitriy “Ladies’ Man” Ladyko


Who will survive? Which deck will have the most wins? What deck will be the last standing from the verge of erasure? How many more rounds must we withstand? Why hasn’t there been more Triad 2 coverage?

Many talented players and powerful decks have come and gone. With just a few more rounds remaining, I am excited to watch the finale unfold.

Let’s give out some awards!


Most Meta–Brian Fogler


Brian Fogler will receive my award for “Most Meta” entry list into Triad 2. His decks were:

  • Black Mischievous Supreme Kai
  • Namekian Knowledge Cell
  • Orange Combative Kami

Brian finished in the tournament with a 2-3 record, showing us all that even one of the best players with 3 of the best decks is not immune to defeat in this meta.


Most Surprising–David Goldsmith


David Goldsmith receives my award for “Most Surprising” entry into Triad 2. His decks were:

  • Black Mischievous Chilled
  • Orange Combative Pikkon
  • Red Ruthless Goku

While the latter two decks are certainly known around the community, David was the only player to submit a Chilled or Pikkon deck into Triad 2. David also finished 2-3 in our tournament with both of his wins being fought by Pikkon.

At the close of Triad 2, I will release all of the data I’ve kept. I will also input it all into the Set 11 Data Tracker.

Stay tuned!



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