FanZ: Super Spoiler—Blue Celebration

Has it been the longest preview season ever? Yes. So, I won’t delay things any farther. Introducing, Blue Celebration.

There’s been a lot of chatter on Retro about Blue anger strategies—mainly as a pathway for MPPV. However, with the change to Unleashed, accessing your upper levels consistently will be key to several deck archetypes.

If I know most of you, then I know the first card that came to a lot of your minds is Blue Training.

With more board control than ever, keeping this card around will be challenging, but could lead to an effective tactic for Blue board-heavy decks. MPs who can regularly get their allies out of their deck and or discard pile, like the new Ginyu stack in particular, can make great use of Celebration as a method of leveling up, resetting their board (especially important if your allies have been soaking a lot of stage damage and are locked down), and getting a nice shuffle to freshen up the deck.

Celebration gives Blue Ginyu an additional near-auto leveler which could give the Cap’n a renewal into the top of the meta. It’s also not the only toy that Ginyu is receiving with the inaugural Super set of FanZ.

Chris’s preview over on FanZ Warriors Gather gives Ginyu another reason to run plenty of Allies and have use for them when they drawn into combat. Invasion Drill also showcases the new Desperation mechanic, which would grant more anger to its user if they have no more cards in hand.

So, how do you plan to use Blue Celebration?


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