South Kai Report: Alex Stewart

Undefeated in Swiss:

Blue Resourceful Villain Vegeta


On Deck Selection

I built this Resourceful Majin Vegeta deck a while ago because I wanted to play something in Blue Resourceful but everyone kept ending combat before I could get all of my setups off. I realized that MV level 2 solves that weakness of resourceful decks, and the level 1 has that crit effect on the next styled which is very useful against many decks in the current meta. I often force my opponents to use blocks on my weakest attacks in order to stop the crit. Blue dominance to level up to 2 and in order to tutor drills. Biting drill is very powerful. I run king vegeta for the extra two physical prevents per combat, and turles for the extra damage on all of my attacks. Ginyu is useful and cell can win you a game in certain match ups. I’ve been playing this deck for a while but have been just testing it until this south kai. It has favorable matchups into a lot of decks that are popular right now, and always has a turn where it can threaten lethal even if it’s behind.


Round 1 Win,Allen Winokur, Black Mischievous Supreme Kai

This deck has a decent matchup into Supreme kai. The level 2 shuts down combat Enders, and also has discard banishment. I drew setups early and when it went to Allen’s turn he didn’t draw any board cards. I drew three cards and had something like Lunge, Tempo, Decap, Brace, with a stretch kick and a stylish pose on board. I pushed a lot of damage though combat one. Allen ended up pulling 4 dragon balls in one turn. The game came down to him throwing an optic blast for 6 when I had 2 balls and he had 5. I got the 2 endurance to stop the crit and killed him with the next attack.

MVP Blue stylish Pose

Round 2 Win, Dakid Wayne, Black Mischievous Supreme Kai

This was my first game of the day against Wayne. I was able to draw stylish pose and dominance early and force him into a pretty bad first combat.I entered two more times and he drew pretty lack luster hands. He was starting to build up a board but I was able to kill him before Supreme Kai got too out of hand.

MVP Blue Dominance


Round 3 Win, Vinnie Deluca, Blue Resourceful Android 13

Vinnie has been running this deck in the last couple of tournaments. Our decks function pretty similarly, I’ve played against it enough to know I always need to block the level 1 power because he will slime anger his way up. Turn one he drew android 20 and played it. Came to me and I drew stylish pose. The next turn i entered with lunge, tempo, leverage, and something else. I used stylish pose to get vegeta for the two physical prevents per combat and crit his android 20 so he lost three stages. I pushed 40 life in that combat and killed him on the next combat.

MVP Blue stylish pose


Round 4 Win, Anthony Tardino, Radiant Future Gohan

Matchups that run a lot of ally’s can be pretty tough for vegeta, but I knew he had no way to get rid of my board. He landed two confident bursts in early combats that made damaging him very hard. I was able to push a little damage through every combat but not much. I just accumulated a board and got my ass kicked the whole game. My main focus was to get rid of his ally’s then push all of my damage through in one combat. He entered a combat with a really good hand when I was almost dead, I used time and then threw every attack I had. He had around 45 life cards left and I had 5, but I was able to use everything and level to kill him with majin vegeta level 2.

MVP time


Round 5 Win, Kevin Curtis, Knowledge Cell

This game was pretty even when he was able to keep Napa on the field. He entered on me and had a pretty productive combat, but he used all of the cards in his hand. I held an attack and drew three then entered. I was able to kill him that turn because he only had one block and I had 4 attacks and a lot of setups. Once nappa was gone I threw 3 stretch kicks for 17 each and he died.

MVP turles and his Saiyan allies


Top Cut

Top 8 Win, Jordan Watkins, Resourceful Hercule

I have played against Hercule enough to know not to let him get off of level 1. He had a good first combat and used 2 stretch kicks to push around 15 life off of me. But after that with those attacks gone he didn’t have much to be able to damage me. He had dynamite kicks for stage gain but I stage locked him with cell so he couldn’t use them.I set up my board and threw 5 attacks for 15 stages in the last combat.

MVP cell ally

Top 4 Loss, Dakid Wayne, Mischievous Supreme Kai

This was my 4th match against black Supreme Kai during the day, and my second match against Wayne. One of the weakness of this deck is it’s hard to beat control decks if it draws poorly in the early game. I went first but had to pass the first 4 turns instead of entering because I drew all board and blocks. Wayne also played a lot of board on those turns and after that I couldn’t do much. He had erasing drill so every time he hit me with an energy he could destroy one of my setups of drills. The combat where I had tempo, lunge , lunge, he hit me with a defensive burst. It was a slow painful game on my side. I was able to get him down to 15-20 life cards but it wasn’t enough.

Final Thoughts

GGs to everyone I played against. I was able to win against 5 of the players in top 8 in the same tournament. There’s a couple of things I need to change but the deck is probably 55 cards close to the perfect build for this deck in my opinion. It has good matchups into everything except control if it draws bad early. But it can win every game no matter how far behind you are if your opponent doesn’t respect your damage.

South kai was a blast this year. I had a great time hanging with Wayne Kevin Kevin and Ant. My favorite part was the hotel dbz games we were able to get in while everyone was in town. I’m excited for the rest of the OP season. Also I’m gonna try to make it to the next Dennis games and I’m looking forward to it.


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