Kenosha Report: Frank DeLuca

Hello everyone, Frank DeLuca here; and this is my tournament report for this this February’s Dragon Prix in Kenosha, WI. After spending the last few months testing a multitude of decks, I began messaging other players for advice. I asked questions mainly about Knowledge Cell, Namekian Slug, and Ascension Piccolo. I knew I wanted to pick something more on the rogue side, this swung me more into thinking about Red MPPV. I figured most people weren’t going to hard tech for MPPV so ultimately I settled on it after testing the aforementioned. The next question was whether to run a backup win condition or not?


I talked to Cheyne Runnels and Kevin Dennis for a bit on my way down to help stir the pot. I knew many people had been splashing Dragon Balls into their Red Decks, and I was pretty set on running Red Piccolo so I began to craft a builds lists without Dragon Balls while on my drive from Duluth, MN to Kenosha. If the Speed Anger list proved unreliable, I would make a version with Dragon Balls. I rolled up to Mike Tieg’s (my ever gracious host) house, and began to play some games and build.


I had grabbed about a dozen and a half decks and brought them with me on my journey. While I was looking through what I had brought, I rediscovered the Ascension Goten Deck I had made for my friend Darrick Jackson. It was potent and consistent, possessing the instruments to shut down stage beats decks; a reason why I had considered Piccolo. I tested it on my own after Mike had gone to sleep against Majin Vegeta Ruthless and Black Mischievous Supreme Kai. Piccolo, in theory, could gain more anger. However, in terms of consistency, Goten’s ability to search out Red Controlled Anger Drill every level, was far more reliable to build and play around. I made up my mind Friday night to play Ascension Goten.


I didn’t sleep much for most of my trip. I got really drunk after day drinking Friday and I had forgotten part of my CPAP, rendering it inoperable. Tack on Joshua Gregory’s infamous snores and I was pretty Riperino. I kept the caffeine pretty light and had a light snack before the tournament. We arrived at Mindsight Gaming and I made my rounds chatting people up. I ended up sitting at Eric Ng’s table and talked to him while I sorted my deck. The list went in and it was a bit of a wait for the tournament to get underway. I saw the pairings, and so it began….


Round 1: Nick Rodriguez, Ruthless Supreme Kai

Nick saw the pairing and beckoned me over to the table. I knew what deck he was running from the night before, though I figured his list had more crits in it than Mike Tieg’s build. I felt pretty confident about the match-up. Ruthless Supreme Kai doesn’t do much other than stall the game and ball out. I knew that if I entered consistently I would reduce the chances of him being able to set up Red Bribe for Ball 2.  I entered non-stop and was able to get myself up to level 4 after 3 combats, the second of which was just me entering to use the Ascension Mastery then end combat with Red Retreat. He lucked out and was able to crit my anger 4 times the third combat with some clutch pile manipulation and drawing via Supreme Kai level 2, though it wasn’t enough. I entered and won the 4th combat via MPPV. GG Nick.


Round 2: Arik Malcolm, Orange Combative Goku

Arik is known locally in Kenosha for his random builds. He’s played this particular build, Orange Goku Ball, a few times against me over the years. I knew exactly what to expect. As far as anger hate in his deck, I assumed it would be limited to Namek Dragon Ball 2, Wallbreaker, and maybe Heroic Dashing Punch. I think I won this one in two combats. I entered and beep-beeped. He didn’t lower my anger once the whole game. I blocked every one of his Goku Evolution 1’s powers so he couldn’t get his Kami loop going. This match was over in under 10 minutes. We re-matched after for fun and the same things happened. It was good to have some reassurance that my deck choice was the right meta call. GG Arik.


Round 3: Matt Tambor, Mischievous Android 16

I’ve seen Matt playing this deck on OCTGN, though I only overheard at the tournament that he was running it as an MPPV build. I knew that I was going to have to anger race and play around his level 1. Fortunately for me, Matt never choose to lower my anger with his level 1 attack. We stayed around the same in anger gain after he was able to use his level 1 and 2 to draw cards in the second combat and hit level 2 with 4 anger. After that point I was able to outpace him with my anger chaining.


I was able to block both of Matt’s Heroic Dashing Punches this game, one of which he tutored to his hand in the final combat via Android 16 level 3. I drew 1 or 2 Red Right Crosses and with the addition of 1 or 2 Red Counter Kicks. I sealed the game with an enter in the 4th combat, sequencing as follows: Red Ascension Mastery, Skip,  and Red Counter Kick to Destroy a Red Controlled Anger Drill for a 4 anger swing. Can’t beat the Anger/Skip from the Red Ascension Mastery. GG Matt.


Round 4: Eric Ng, Oppressive Kid Trunks


I’ve played against this deck so much. Matter of fact, check out my YouTube channel if you want some idea of how his build and play style with the deck has changed. I know exactly how it plays and my experience against Eric through our matches the last year are probably my biggest advantage. Eric won the dice roll and entered combat. During our first combat, Eric was able to get out Saiyan Menace and stage lock me via Menace and On the Move. I had two energy attacks and a drill in my hand. I also was unable to use my Mastery to gain Anger due to Kid Trunks Level 1 lowering the opponent’s anger whenever “a” player skips.  That trend of proctoring continues throughout all of Kid Trunks’ levels, making it really trick of knowing when to sequence the mastery.


We entered the second combat and I was able to get to 4 anger on level 1, though Eric his level 3 via Anger and Unleashed. It was rough. I took a lot of damage in the first two combats. The third combat I think I entered with and simply activated Red Retreat to sneak the level via banishing Red Controlled Anger Drill and Red Ascension Mastery. Eric passed and on my proceeding turn I drew 3 combat cards and a Red Destiny.


I was put in a precarious spot due to the Parenthetical Effect of Kid Trunks level 4 destroying board. I entered combat so that Eric wouldn’t enter and skip me to level and kill my Red Destiny. The damage mod was probably the only thing that kept me alive that combat. Eric went off on me. I think at the end of the combat he had drawn 1 or 2 dead-ish card, but he still proceeded to level and hit me with 20-30 life cards of damage. I believe I hit level 4 this combat, though with Heroic Dashing Punch I was kept from winning. I hit Eric with a lot of physical attacks and was able to get him low, though I was in a similar predicament. We entered the final combat and I was stage-locked by Eric using Menace and Saiyan Gut Kick. I proceeded to get beat down for a good 20+ life cards for game. I believe the game winning play was a Blinding Energy Move that had put him at 2 cards in deck to kill me. GG Eric.


Round 5: Chris Lambkin, Ruthless Majin Vegeta

Chris was running a Surprise Attack build which I had found out about in earlier rounds spectating. I wasn’t entirely sure of his deck list, but I knew I had to play around Ruthless Mastery’s hit effect and Majin Vegeta level 2. This went on to be an odd game. I think I got Surprise Attacked 8 or more times this game.


I believe I Chris got first go and passed. I passed. Chris Entered a combat and he proceeded to do Surprise attack twice. He then did it again the next combat like 3 times. He drew all of the early and masteried them more than normal due. This was due to me hitting him with Heroic Dashing Punch in the second combat, relegating his pile to whatever he played from his hand. The Surprise Attacks cleaned out all the freestyles out of my deck, which meant I didn’t have to worry about hitting them with my mastery. I also got good deck knowledge seeing that he ran Red Jump Kick. He never was really able to draw many too many styled attacks in the early combats, primarily seeing energy attacks and blocks while he was stage locked.


With Chris being stuck on level 1 most of the game, all of his Concussive Strikes being out of deck after combat 2, and possessing deck knowledge; I was confident I could win. Chris was able to hit me with a final card in hand Red Jump Kick which took me down from level 4 to level 3. I think I passed and dropped a Red Relaxation or Red Destiny. We entered another combat and I hit level 4 with 1 or 2 anger. He saw Red Jump Kick hit his pile at the end of that combat. I knew I needed to see a physical block. Chris entered combat and Red Ruthless Masteried for the Red Jump Kick. I blocked it and proceeded to mastery and Red Right Cross for the game. GG Chris.


Top Cut!

Top 8 Azarith Stryffe, Rampaging Majin Vegeta


Eric Ng and I had joked about how we didn’t want to play against Majin Vegeta, though 2 of them had made it into top cut. I got lucky against Chris that I was able to keep him on level 1 and do my thing. I know from experience that Rampaging Vegeta can soar levels if you don’t draw any blocks or if he sees a Saiyan Enraged. I also knew from loaning Az some Unleashed, that he ran Unleashed. He also seemed to have a fair number of energy attacks, due to my spectating earlier matches. I was mostly hoping that I could get going fast being he built up any of his own board.


I believe I won the role and entered on my second turn. I slapped him with a Heroic Dashing Punch and was able to climb to hit 4 anger on level 1. After a pass from Azarith, I dropped a Red Relaxation on my turn. He passed again and I dropped two more Red Relaxations. I believe my bottom cards consisted of a Red Right Cross and some other Red physicals. Fearing a Vegeta’s Prideful Challenge hitting the table, I entered and proc’d triple relaxation. Despite the odds Az played around my anger gain and card advantage very well.


I lead with Goten Level 1 to level, Az threw his level 1 power. I used some more card and he threw Saiyan Face Strike under the floating effect of his level 1, I had to block it so that he wouldn’t immediately level. He drew a card. I threw Red Static Shot which he proceeds to prevent with Saiyan Legendary Strike that lowers my anger the same amount I gained from Red Static Shot hitting.  He threw a Saiyan Grab at some point and drew again. I was able to action again and hit level 3. He hit level 3 at some point though he chose not to activate Vegeta level 3 to kill the Red Controlled Anger Drill I had brought out with my level 3. This was the one misplay of his. I proceeded to kill my drill with my level 3 to draw and gain anger. I believe I leveled to 4 and grabbed Red Swordplay Drill and Red Controlled Anger Drill. I think I was able to get to 2 anger and Azarith used a Saiyan Burst he had drawn with his level 3 to lower my anger. I ended the combat with 1 anger from Mastery.


I believe Az passed and then I entered on him because I wanted to give him as few actions as possible to grab an Unleashed with his level 3 and hit me with Majin Vegeta level 4.I didn’t have a block for his level 4 so I knew that I had to sequence properly. I had just enough anger sequence to eek it out before he could level 4 me. This whole match ended in under 15 minutes. Damn was it wild. I’m forgetting maybe a couple of other moves, but honestly had Azarith used his level 3 to kill my drill in the big anger gain combat, I might not have been able to win. GG Az.


Top 4 Brandon Mains, Orange Adaptive Android 20


This match was recorded on the stream. Damn, was it a nail biter at times. I entered every one of my turns. In the first 3 combats Brandon ended on me using Blinding Energy moves and an Earth Ball 7. He also drew some clutch Energized Strikes and slowed me down significantly in the anger department. It was really frustrating as I saw multiple Red Right Crosses and Red Counter Kicks hit my pile. At one point my hand was two Right Cross and two Red Driving Knee. Big Sad activated. The third combat I got up to level 4, during which Brandon let me hit a Red Static Shot for full damage while he had an Android 20’s Scouting Drill. This ultimately didn’t really change much that combat, though it would have affected what he proceeded to draw.


It went to Brandon who passed. I counted piles and entered so I could try and pop a Red Destiny before it was Orange Stare Down’d. At this point he had gotten all 3 Acquisition Drills. I was slowed down significantly by the 3 Acquisition Drills and ended the combat with 2 anger.


Brandon entered on me the next turn and grabbed two drills when entering with Android 20 levels 2&3 to fuel his level 3 mill power. He also used Quickness Drill to get Blinding Energy Move back. I proceeded to try and sequence around the Acquisition Drills using one anger cards like Red Double Strike. He ultimately Blindings me when I have 2 anger and hits most of my remaining 2 anger cards. He crits me and my stomach sinks. I end the combat with 2 anger due to Red Ascension Mastery. I began to count piles and see how many freestyle cards I had left. I counted around 9-10 cards in deck with 3 freestyle cards.


Throughout the day I’ve been sacking Goten’s Defensive Stance and Heroic Dashing Punches with my mastery pretty regularly. I notice a Heroic Dashing Punch on the bottom of my discard pile. I know I needed to draw either the last Red Counter Kick or Red Relaxation I have in order to win. I draw Counter Kick and two of my 3 freestyle cards. I pray to RNGesus that I don’t hit the final freestyle card with my mastery or that Brandon draws Orange Meditation. I enter and damn I started shaking from the adrenaline. I Mastery and hit the Red Relaxation. Skip. Red Counter Kick to kill my Red Swordplay Drill I had grabbed when leveling to 4. “You got a Mediation?” I ask. “Damnit”. That my 5 anger. GG Brandon.


Finals! Eric Ng, Oppressive Kid Trunks

Leave it to Eric to be the person I have to play in top cut at a qualifier, I honestly predicted him making it to the Finals. He’s a skilled player and I always speak highly of him for good reason. I knew his deck well and his play-style. I knew I just had to go off fast otherwise Eric would probably clean me. I also had to be wary of getting stage locked by Saiyan Menace and his mastery. He beat me last year at the Michigan Dragon Prix and this time around I wanted to return the favor. He was my only loss all day, but damn he’s the only one I felt acceptable to lose to. We decided a best of one and there it went.


This match went more in Eric’s favor than the previous one in Swiss. During Swiss I was at least able to stage lock him and drop some damage. This game get get going in two combats with an Unleashed and hit me pretty hard. I hit him twice with Heroic Dashing Punch which really only served to slow him leveling by anger the first time (Unleashed) and the second time he was able to bring his stages back up and give me a pretty good beating.


Eric didn’t see much anti-anger until I was hitting level 3. My second Heroic Dashing Punch had kept him from killing me in the 3rd or 4th combat due to it stopping him from getting to level 4 and hitting me with a likely 2-3 more attacks. I also drew a Red Counter Kick when at 3 anger off my level 3 effect after killing a Red Controlled Anger Drill. Very unfortunate timing. I ended up sequencing to 2 anger and made Eric burn a Saiyan Burst he had been holding onto. I figured with it going to his turn next, it would have been better to make him play it when I was at 2 anger instead of 3.


The next combat turned into what the previous should have been, if not for Heroic Dashing Punch. Eric leveled and I could only sit and watch as I was skipped and hit with energy attacks. I also watched him manipulate his piles and bottom of deck for Kid Trunks level 4. I saw my end coming. I got hit with a lot of attacks and had Saiyan Crunch come in clutch to grab a Saiyan Burst. I believe this combat Eric played Time Is A Warrior’s tool, stopping me from gaining anger on an in hand Red Static Shot. I had rejuvenated my Time Is A Warrior’s Tool with a Red Controlled Anger Drill after playing it in the first or second combat of the game. It was my only hope as it went to Eric’s turn. I had a long debate whether or not to use my mastery to thin my deck out and help my chances of drawing Time. I counted and thought that it would show in my hand and thus I didn’t want to chance hitting it.


Eric entered and I drew Earth Ball 7 and two drills that I have rejuvenated earlier with Goten’s Defensive Stance. I knew it was over. Eric had known I had Time left in deck so he lead off with a  Saiyan Domination, sealing my fate regardless. I took the hit and saw more drills pop off the top. My times was about 6 cards off of where I thought it was. I skipped from his mastery and the next attack came revealing my Time and a Red Brace. I scooped as he still had sword skill on his stack and if I had let the attack crit it would have perfectly killed me. GG Eric.

6-2, 2nd Place!



It was exhilarating just catching up with my friends and talking to people that I don’t see very often. It’s crazy to think that I met a lot of you guys 4 years ago at the first PanZ North Kai. RIP. Love ya, Nick! Thanks, Mike, for putting up with me being kind of a shitter when I rolled in talking about “meta”. I did not sleep much that entire weekend and I don’t really want Bloody Mary’s for a while. Hanging out and bullshitting with everyone is a pleasant reminder of why I travel out to the events. I want to make some other events, though this might be the only one for me this year. Most of the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting who play this game, are a splendid mix of personalities that create the only drama I want to ever find on Facebook.


Shout out to Ryan Lambdin for making me want to play Red Goten after last years North Kai. Eric, I’m gonna get you. Maybe it’ll be in Z 3.0? Tommy I’m going to listen to some more Hardcore History before I make any final verdicts. Joshua, I’m gonna buy you a CPAP before you die in your sleep. Arik is Wisco Jesus. Casey I expect Green things from you. Looking forward to some Oppressive Drillku Az. Mike is getting married! Cody is still my favorite. Thanks for hosting John! GGz Brandon and Chris!


Play something you enjoy! Even better if it’s rogue.


Thanks for the read,


Frank DeLuca


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