Bama Prix Report: Tyler Steenmeijer Top 4 Blue Frieza

At The Collision Point Blog, Freiza is a personal favorite. I have lists for him in 3 Styles, and there’s nothing more satisfying than playing a pseudo control deck only to drop a 20+ life Supernova to seal the game.

At the most recent Qualifier (3-09-19 in Birmingham, Alabama), Tyler Steenmeijer brought Blue Protective Frieza and piloted him all the way to top 4. Congrats, Tyler, on the Power Level obtained and for representing this fan-favorite villain.


Birmingham, Alabama Dragon Prix Tournament Report

So this might have been the most fun I’ve ever had at an event, even if I didn’t quite win it lol.

Way before the tournament, I’m trying to decide if I actually want to bring what has become my new “pet deck” (Protective Frieza) to Alabama. I’d brought Ruthless Vegeta to NC Dragon Prix and did fairly well, made Top 8 and then got rekt by Cheyne’s Adaptive 18. Having said that, my options were Ruthless MV, Adaptive Yamcha (my old main), and Protective Frieza. I ended up testing the most with Frieza because it was the most fun deck I was playing and decided on that about a week before the actual event.


I’d heard conflicting opinions about whether Protective Frieza was good or not, but thought to myself, “What the hell? I’ll just go to have a good time and maybe be a Retro hero for a day,” haha.


Anyway, on to the actual games, I don’t have the best memory so if my sequencing is out of order, my bad.


Round 1: Terra, Tag Team Future Gohan

I’d heard her talking about her deck before the tournament and she was running only one ally, Master Roshi. So I knew I wasn’t going to go Golden for at least one or two combats. During our first combat, to make my situation even worse, she attaches Android Arm Breaker. I manage to kill her Roshi due to FanZ Frieza level 1’s effect. Soon after that, I learned that Chilled doesn’t detach cards that are already in play, so that’s a wonderful oversight by me. So now I have to try and actually hit her for critical damage. I also get Ginyu out out so I’m able to see her hand basically the rest of the game. She hits with Gohan’s Backlash and goes to level 3. But, with perfect knowledge, I’m able to know exactly what to do and end up being able to Blue Slash her at least 3-4 times throughout the game for the whole 6 each time, if I’m not mistaken. I use Malicious Intent’s effect to finally hit her for critical damage but I end up staying on level 1 the whole game anyway because by the time I got AAB off, there were too many Named Cards out of my life deck. Thanks to those Blue Slashes, though, I end up winning this game pretty comfortably.

W 1-0


Round 2: Vinnie, Resourceful Android 13

I’m went into this game thinking I could handle 13’s stage beats pretty well as long as I kept him off level 3. I believe he enters on me first, I go Golden and end up getting out a couple of allies thanks to Frieza’s Arrogance, King Cold and then Captain Ginyu. Again, I’m mostly able to control this game and killed/banished his Android 14 ally pretty early in the game so even though he did get to level 2, he was never able to get 14 and 15 in play/discard pile to jump to 3. Oh, he got to level 2 through a Dig, which brought me to level 3, which, somehow, I faired pretty well in this game on that level (which is going to mentally mess with me later in the tournament). I eventually drop Dragon Ball 6 so his stage beats are even less effective and I end up just poking his deck while steadily rejuvenating my own, like Frieza do.

W 2-0


Round 3: Jackie, Mischievous Drawku

Ugh, I wanted to avoid this matchup because Frieza loses to Goku all the time in the anime XD.

Also, fuck Drawku (pls freeze lol).

Anyway, I don’t remember who goes first, but I remember my first hand had a sphere so I held it thinking that most Drawku decks use Unleashed/Kaio-Ken. Wrong. It’s an MPPV build. Should have been a good matchup for me but I got caught with my pants down by not paying super close attention to his anger on level 1 and he ended up on level 2 and the game kind of went slowly downhill from there. It was a close game the whole time. Going into the final combat, I think we had about 7-8 life cards each and he was level 4 with 3 anger. Turn came to me and I was hoping I’d draw my last Blue Head Knock in deck but it eluded me. All I had to lower his anger was Blue Slash, but he would just block it and he had drawn into a 2-anger attack so I knew that was game. (Did I mention I had Ginyu out almost all game?) I think this loss was on me for not paying as much attention as I should have early on.

L 2-1


Round 4: Alex, Resourceful Majin Vegeta

Whew. I messed up early in this game. First combat he uses Dig to bring himself to 2 and me to level 3. I could have blocked it, but was overthinking it and let it hit (since earlier in the tournament, I’d won a game mostly on level 3). That was the mistake that did me in. The rest of the game was all Alex. I couldn’t get my named cards from banished zone to get allies or any type of tempo and he ran through my life deck with that Dig combat and maybe another Dig combat a little later. Do you ever have those games where you can pinpoint exactly where you went wrong? It was one of those.

L 2-2


So, I honestly didn’t know if I’d make top cut, but I had pretty solid tiebreakers. I ended up being 6th seed so that’s cool. I saw that my top 8 opponent was the same guy I’d just lost to. But I had learned my lesson from last game. We took a break for deck checks and then we got underway when we were both ready since top cut wasn’t timed.


Top 8: Alex, Resourceful Majin Vegeta

This game went a lot better for me. I think I won the roll, and put down 2 Blue Stylish Poses. I believe we pass a couple times before he enters. I get King Cold and Ginyu out first turn and end up being able to use Stare Down 2-3 times in the first couple of combats due to drawing 2 and top decking and drawing it between Blanketing Blasts and Mr. Announcer (I think). The rest of the game, I’m just doing what the deck is meant to do, slowly whittle away my opponent’s life while rejuvenating my own. Alex does build up a board and I know he’s waiting for a kill turn because I think at one point he had 4 or 5 setup attacks on board (3 Stretch Kicks and 2 Off Balance Punch, I think) and he’s holding onto an energy block out of fear from a Supernova. He does get to level  2 with Dominance at some point and is doing a really good job of controlling my discard pile so I’m never going to get a Supernova off for a lot. Mid to late game he does get a pretty good turn on me and catches up on the life deck count. Final combat, I don’t remember who entered but I remember I had Blue Clash and he had dropped his energy block at some point and I knew he didn’t have one in hand. I did see he had Blue Betrayal though, which is what I was hoping he’d use first to banish an ally. It went as I had hoped, he banished Mr. Announcer (?) and then I threw the Blue Clash for 8 unpreventable. I think he had 7 life cards before that attack so that was game. It was closer than I wanted it to be, but Frieza got me to top 4!

W 5-2


Top 4: Solomon, Resourceful Dabura

We sat down and joked about we play each other at least once a year, with me coming out on top the previous times we’d met. Previously, it had always been my Adaptive Yamcha against some form of his Blue Krillin. Always close games.

So anyway, this game gets out of hand quick. I believe I entered on him but he’d already dropped an Aggressive Sword Drill so I know he’s going to get a pretty sizeable hand but sometimes I just feel like maybe I need to enter against certain decks to try and catch them with dead cards. Well…this wasn’t one of those times. My first action, I Golden Frieza to rejuv Arrogance and grab King Cold. While searching, the thought had crossed my mind to get Chilled instead to shut down Unleashed, but ultimately I decided to go with what had been working so far. Well, he ends up using Unleashed at some point which sucks but okay, I still think I have a good chance at winning. I then get Ginyu ally out and see he’s holding another Unleashed. What. The. Blue. Blazes. At that point, I knew that my chances were slim. He ends up Unleashing again towards the end of combat and with so many attacks and Dabura 4’s effect to make all his opponent’s personalities loses 2 stages whenever he plays a card with sword, I knew this game was over. He ends up just throwing attack after attack and there’s honestly not much I can do. It’s hard to win when someone Unleashes twice in the first combat, haha. So, Solomon gets his revenge on me.

L 5-3



Overall, I had a really fun time. I think Frieza may be better than he gets credit for and he’s a super fun MP to pilot. Even though Blue has about 0 named cards for him to abuse, I chose that style because I wanted to be able to retrieve my allies in case they got banished (Captain Ginyu is a priceless ally and honestly could be the MVP of the day) I know I don’t have to say it, but Blue Stylish Pose is an amazing card that has helped me in so many of my games. There are a few changes to my list I’m considering but the deck performed better than expected.


I was excited to get top 4 with Frieza and I honestly think I had a good shot to win in every match-up.


P.S. Whoever creates the new Blue card, mad props if you make it considered named(at least for Aliens)!


Deck List:

Attacks: (24)

3 Frieza’s Supernova

2 Blue Blanketing Blasts

2 Blue Neck Beam

2 Blue Clash

1 Overpowering Attack

3 Sinister Choke

3 Blue Slash

3 Blue Head Knock

2 Blue Betrayal

2 Blue Decapitation

1 Frieza’s Captive Strike

Blocks: (13)

3 Blue Deterrence

1 Blue Security

1 Blue Leverage

3 Blue Narrow Escape

2 Frieza’s Arrogance

2 On the Move!

1 Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Events: (7)

3 Stare Down

2 Overwhelming Power

2 Villainous Energy Sphere

Planning: (16)

3 Malicious Intent

3 Blue Stylish Pose

1 Blue Rivalry Drill

1 Blue Positioning Drill

1 King Cold – Caught Off Guard

1 Chilled – Cackling Tyrant

1 Captain Ginyu – Aggressive

1 Porunga – Dragon of Namek

1 Mr. Announcer – Guy in Shades

1 Namek Ball 1

1 Namek Ball 4

1 Namek Ball 6

Tommy, here, thanks again to Tyler for sharing this report with us. I am working on getting all of the matches from Bama and the Cash OLT into the tracker (which is already over 200). Please keep using the tracker when you play, even when testing jank. Congrats to Solomon for taking the Qualifier; good luck in your ToP training!





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