Blue Punishment Preview


Ready for some Fusion mastery support? Blue Punishment is an instant-include for all Blue Mimicry decks going forward. It costs 1 stage to perform, but could easily come in as unstoppable and in crit-range. If you want to draw a card off the mastery, then you’ll have to mill an additional 2 cards. While this cost seems steep, Mimicry will let you shuffle 3 “copy” cards back into your Life Deck, though.

So, is this trade off worth it? I think so. Mimicry Buu was already pretty strong. Now with Bibidi and Blue Punishment, the deck can bring a little bit more pain. My personal preference would be to also add Dragon Balls to a Mimicry deck to further mitigate the losses of self-milled cards. Keep an eye out for ball-friendly MPs to slide into Mimicry for some Blue utility, unstoppable attacks, deck-shuffling, and using your opponent’s attacks against them.

A while back I tried to use Blue Mimicry Dr. Wheelo with earth balls. I will definitely be returning to that deck with this new set.


Wheelo at level 2 is able to pump out some extra damage. Then, with milling the opponent with every stop can try win combats and push his win con of survival or Dragon Ball Victory forward.

I’m sure you’ll forgive the lack of article here. I really ran out of steam with work today.


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